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There is a glut on the market of Cadbury Creme Eggs, but lovers of the sweet delights should be wary – wholesalers have been clearing out their stock with Eggs that didn’t sell at Easter and the product expiry dates are the 31st of July 2022.

Creme Eggs don’t have a Use By Date – their product expiry date is a Best Before, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with still consuming the product still on the market. However, as many are being sold in boxes of 48, and with the recent hot weather, it’s likely that if you’re tempted to snap up a bargain that they won’t be in best condition by the time you get around to eating the final egg in your box.

This leans into an interesting topic, you might have seen on the news that Waitrose are the latest supermarket to remove Best Before dates from their fresh food ranges. With food waste at unacceptable levels, they are the latest business to leave it to the good sense of the consumer as to weather a carrot still looks good enough to eat.

Amazon however is a different story and you need to be aware of their expiry date policies. Amazon not only considers any product with a shelf life or that loses effectiveness with time to be subject to expiry, even if an expiry date is not indicated on the product packaging but also want to err on the side of the consumer and give sufficient time for use. As an example, a bottle of supplements with 240 daily servings must be sold to the customer more than 240 days before expiry.

There are some exceptions, such as Fresh fruit and vegetables, Wine, Pastries, Salt, Vinegar and chewing gum, but most food products will be covered under the policy. Amazon have a “Minimum arrival time at fulfilment centre before product expiry” list detailing the number of days shelf life a product requires for FBA. Even some non-food products such as skin creams and shampoo, and disinfectant wipes and detergents are covered by this policy. If in doubt, and if you have products with short expiry dates (or they have already passed) consider selling anywhere that’s not Amazon to liquidate your stock.

Now, back to the Creme Eggs, if you fancy a box of 48 and don’t mind that they’re past their Best Before Date, you can grab a box on eBay for as little as £17.49 – that’s almost half their normal selling price. Buy four or more boxes and the price drops to just £13.99!

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  1. Last year we got a selection pack of chocolate bars sold by a 3rd party but fulfilled by Amazon. They were all 6+ months out of date. We got a full refund (£20 worth). Never buying food online again unless its from a supermarket.

    Side note, Cadbury’s “chocolate” tastes awful since the Kraft/Mondelez ownership. Rather spend a bit more and get real choc not a lump of brown grease.

  2. hmmm, i think it was 1985 when they got the mixture a bit wrong and the eggs started popping. you could stand in the wholesalers and listen to the popping coming from the pallets of creme eggs

  3. ive noticed the heat on chocolate, bar of milk choc.. and had it this week, and it was white on the top of some chunks, and white all way on others – google tells me its “sugar bloom” humidity broke down the sugars. was fine to eat but a bit “gritty”.


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