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Amazon just rolled out delivery from local big brand stores in 10 cities in the US. This is significant news as it’s not Amazon locations that your item is shipped from, it’s the ability to shop local stores on the Amazon website or app, and have Amazon Logistics pop in to the retailer to collect your purchase and drop it off to you at home or work – often the same day.

Take a dispassionate look at this, and you’ll see that some cities only have one store available to shop from and you’ll understand this is a very limited programme so far. But, if Amazon roll this out to retailers and brands across the US, how long will it be before a mom and pop store can add their store inventory to Amazon, instantly making it available to customers in their local area with free delivery?

This could be a game changer for shopping malls and high streets who are still seeing reduced post pandemic footfall. The downside is that retailers have to collectively trust Amazon to encourage customers to shop local stores and in favour of highlighting inventory already available on the marketplace with perhaps a one or two day delivery rather than same day.

If customers see significant price differences when they shop local stores compared to buying from Amazon or a marketplace seller the other side of the country, they might decide same day delivery isn’t worth it. However, there will always be times when a purchase is urgent and then the decision to shop local stores will no longer be about price – it’ll be how quickly can Amazon get the item to me.

How Amazon shop local stores works

Prime members in select ZIP codes in more than 10 cities, including in and around Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle, and Washington D.C., can now shop with retailers such as PacSun, GNC, SuperDry, and Diesel, and receive their items the same day. Some stores also offer the option to buy online and pick up in store.

Customers simply navigate to the curated selection from retail stores in their area, and select Same-Day Delivery. Amazon sends the order to the store, the retail store associate fulfills it from inventory in the store. An Amazon delivery partner picks up the order from the retail location and delivers it to the customers, the same day if the order is placed early enough..

The service is free for U.S. Prime members who spend $25 or more on qualifying items and $2.99 for members who spend below $25. Additional retailers joining the service in upcoming months include Sur La Table and 100% Pure.

The expansion of Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery to include beloved brands delivered directly from nearby retail locations is just another way we are offering customers even greater selection, at faster speeds. We are excited to see this new model come to life and look forward to adding more brands, stores, and locations to the program

– Sarah Mathew, director, Amazon Delivery Experience


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