what3words address support from GFS

what3words address support from GFS

Carrier Management Company, GFS, have a new collaboration with global addressing company what3words. GFS clients can now offer their customers delivery to an exact what3words address via a what3words-enabled logistics provider.

Established more than 20 years ago, UK-based GFS is the first and largest provider of managed multi-carrier ecommerce delivery & returns services enabled by its proprietary Enterprise Carrier Management platform. The collaboration with what3words means that GFS clients can collect what3words addresses from customers and share them with delivery carriers across the world, saving delivery times and further minimising the risk of lost packages.

With a what3words address, every front door, collection point and apartment entrance has its own what3words address. With carriers already adopting what3words, the missing part of the puzzle is connecting the customer address to the carrier and that’s where GFS comes in.

In reality, the UK is well served by carriers and very few addresses are that hard to find that the local last mile delivery driver can’t find them. What’s less easy is, for example, to locate a specified safe place and that’s how what3words can help. Rather than a door number, a what3words address 3m x 3m square can precisely locate a shed, a greenhouse, or other outbuilding for a safe place delivery rather than leaving a parcel in open view on a door step. No previously existing solution has this degree of address granularity and delivery was limited to a house number or at best delivery notes with a vague safe place request.

All ecom retailers will be using technology to streamline their shipping and the service that they can offer is only as good as the features the platform supports. By adding what3words address support, GFS is enabling existing technology to be deployed from the customer checkout right through to the delivery experience to fulfil the retailers promise.

Our collaboration with what3words extends our range of services even further and means we can offer our customers even more ways to save time, cost and effort on final mile delivery and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

– Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director, GFS

GFS’ focus on customer satisfaction and high quality deliveries enable it to operate efficiently on a global scale. Adding what3words will transform the delivery process for couriers and retailers, and improve the experience for customers all over the world.

– Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO, what3words

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