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I’m a massive fan of Wickes, having used them regularly during the pandemic. Now, about to order from them again, I noticed they’ve launched the Wickes eBay Store with as close an experience to shopping on their website as possible.

Website experience

I turned to Wickes during the pandemic when about to shop at a competing DIY store. The reason I was shopping around was discovering the retailer I was about to purchase from had a minimum £100 order for delivery AND a £30 delivery charge with no guaranteed delivery date. I was happy to up my order quantity to meet the minimum £100 order value, I could stomach knowing I’d get delivery at any point during the next week, but stinging me with a £30 delivery charge was just too much.

Turning to Wickes, not only could they arrange delivery the next day with a £7 delivery charge (drops to £4 or £2.50 for smaller lighter products or even free for larger orders), but I could even pick which day my delivery would arrive. Wickes deliveries are shipped from their local stores and powered by CitySprint, who’s drivers have proven invariably friendly and accommodating ensuring delivery is as convenient as possible.

Wickes eBay Store experience

Back to eBay, Wickes say that they want to understand why and how their customers shop and view eBay as a platform to acquire new customers. That might sound strange for many time served eBay sellers as the customer is owned by eBay, not the retailer, but in Wickes case exposing them to the Wickes product set and delivery experience is likely to stick in customers minds and perhaps have them shop directly at the Wickes websites in the future.

The Wickes eBay Store delivery standards are matched very closely to the Wickes website. Adding items to my shopping basket popped up the same £7 delivery charge as on the Wickes website. Delivery is listed at £7 with free for additional items for the product I was buying, but after adding a multiple quantity to my shopping basket and the delivery charge was reduced to zero. With free delivery, the only differences between buying directly on the Wickes website and buying from the Wickes eBay Store were not being able to specify a delivery date (eBay promised within 3 days) and on eBay the full Wickes range isn’t yet available.

We’re customer curious at Wickes and do a great deal of work to understand why and how our customers shop.  We know that home improvers are always on the hunt for inspiration in creating a beautiful home and will source products from a wide variety of sellers to create their perfect space. 

By launching with eBay we can introduce even more home improvers to the Wickes brand and help them feel house proud. 

We believe partnering with eBay underpins our strategy of being a digitally-led, service enabled business. And with DIY products selling every 12 seconds on the site, this is a massive moment for Wickes to attract new customers and delight existing ones.

The collaboration will help us understand the home improvement customer further and inform more channel opportunities in the future.

– Gary Kibble, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Wickes

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