eBay Paid Placement now top 4 search spots

eBay Paid Placement now top 4 search spots

Buyers can expect to see more eBay paid placement spots in search results as eBay promoted listings now include more slots at the top of eBay search results. This news comes as eBay announce new features for Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA.

Recently, we expanded to more slots at the top of eBay search results, creating more opportunities for your listings to reach interested buyers from placements with the most traffic on eBay. Previously, only the top slot of search could be targeted so this expansion means even more opportunities to scale the visibility of your listings.

Both Promoted Listings Standard ads and organic listings are still eligible to appear in the top 4 slots. Be sure to optimise your campaigns and ensure that you have high-quality listings for the best chance of appearing in these placements. 

– eBay

For sellers this means that it’s even more likely that your listings will be seen by buyers, so long as you buy into paid promotion through one of the three eBay Promoted Listings options. Fail to pay, and your listing, even if the top of organic Best Match, could appear no higher than fifth place in search.

Bearing in mind eBay recently doubled the minimum bid rate to 2% for eBay Promoted Listings Standard, eBay is extracting ever more fees per sale than in the past. This is part of their strategy to increase profits without necessarily increasing sales making the marketplace a more expensive platform to sell on. Balancing this, for those with margin to play with, eBay paid placement is a sure fire way to get visibility so long as you win one of those top four slots.

New Features for Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA

  • Updated reporting features: Your search query report now shows all of the keywords and buyer queries that your listings appeared for in one place. This’ll give you a better understanding of your campaign and reduce the amount of reports you need to download.
  • Negative phrase match: This new match type lets you choose any specific keywords or phrases for which you don’t want your listings to appear in search results. With this, you’ll have more control, and can ensure that your listings only show for relevant searches. As long as a buyer’s search includes words before and/or after your negative keywords, your listing won’t appear. For example, if your negative keyword is ‘red dress’ and a buyer looks for ‘red dress size 10,’ your listing won’t show in the search results. This way, you’ll be able to focus on keywords that are important to buyers searching for items like yours. 
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First they take away your visibility, then they sell it back to you. Buyers will soon get sick of only seeing pay to play adverts instead of the items they really want.

andy • 9th September 2022 • Reply to andy