eBay Sept 22 Seller Release – eBay Messaging

eBay Sept 22 Seller Release – eBay Messaging

Having been available in Beta in the eBay mobile app, in today’s Seller Release comes the news that eBay will be moving everyone to the new eBay Messaging format in the coming weeks.

If you’d prefer, you can opt out of the new experience and continue to use the old messaging format until 2023, when eBay will fully migrate everyone over to the new experience. 

There is also a desktop beta version of the new messaging experience coming. Look out for a prompt in the coming weeks. You won’t automatically be opted into this beta version, and if you do decide to opt in, you can opt out again and continue using the old messaging format while eBay are rolling out the beta version.

New eBay Messaging features include:

  • Messages to and from your buyers will be displayed in an easy-to-use format with a more modern look.
  • Individual conversations are easy to track through clearer and more straightforward messaging.
  • Messages are grouped together by buyer and listing, making it easier to stay on top of your communications.

Just like in the old format, messages will be kept for one year and then automatically deleted. If you use a third party provide to handle eBay Messaging nothing should change for you.

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