eBay Sept 22 Seller Release – Shop Features

eBay Seller Update Autumn 2021 eBay new shop features

In the latest Seller Release, eBay are highlighting new shop features you can use to grow your business and increase loyalty with customers. Take some time to read the seller release notes to fully understand these features:

  • Create newsletters for previous and interested buyers using customisable templates that highlight your new inventory. You can also send promotional offers to drive growth
  • Activate your inventory strips – automatically or manually – to showcase new and seasonal inventory to attract more buyers
  • Increase your brand recognition and visibility with a Shop logo that will now appear across eBay, including on listing pages, which drives interest from buyers who can save and follow your Shop
  • Use new reporting that reveals buyer engagement on your newsletters
  • Reach more buyers, draw attention to your Shop, and encourage repeat customers with updated sharing features on popular social media platforms
  • Drive more buyers to your Shop with enhanced search navigation and recommended Shops on the eBay homepage increasing your reach

Each of these new features in themselves might seem relatively minor, but added together they make eBay Shop features significantly important so it’s worth taking the time to go through each and fully optimise your shop.

Don’t consider this a one off task, many of the features deserve your time to tinker with and optimise on a regular basis to keep your shop fresh and ensure your inventory is displayed for maximum effectiveness. As the seasons change and demand alters, make sure that Inventory Strips are updated and your Shop Navigation is still relevant.

You’ll also want to keep on top of your shop email, you can add a promotion, such as a coded coupon, or create buyer groups based on your buyers’ previous purchases to gain interest in new inventory so this is something to refresh regularly.

It’s especially worth checking in on the reporting capabilities which let you see how many buyers have opened and clicked on an item on your newsletter. You can also see how many total buyers you’ve reached and the total sales you made 30 days after a buyer clicks on a product link. These are great ways to understand how many of your buyers are engaging with your newsletters, and with your Shop.

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ebay shop's need a complete overhaul as currently not value for money when compared to other platforms like Amazon or likes of Shopify/Wix offer businesses. One of the main things a business wants in listings yet once you go over your limit you have to pay for each listing. Yet private sellers often get a better deal with 1000 free listings a month. ebay need to come up with maybe two simple packages like small business with 5000 listings and large business with unlimited listings. Come up with shipping solutions like partner with self store locations that could act as drop off points for large or reasonable volume of parcels as many parcel shops don't want you dropping off tons of parcels. If ebay really want to support small business put a map where buyers can search local business and go buy from them. Yes they may lose the sale on ebay but that buyer may tell friends and family they bought the item on ebay. Seller wins and sees the value in adding products on ebay which are available to buyers around the world then. As a small business I am not massively bothered about all the analytical tools and data they offer. I know if something sells or not, I can tell you want my best seller is without pages of data.

Rob • 29th September 2022 •

Ebay shops are simply a previous ebay revenue chisel now superseded by promoted listings as Their main focus to squeeze the seller

R • 30th September 2022 •

There are a lot more options out there for sellers now than there was 5 years ago. It is easy to set up your own website on likes of Shopify and Wix, places like vinted, Facebook marketplace. Many of them make it quicker and easier to list as well. ebay is a good starting place for a business but as I have grown it has become less and less relevant, mostly due to their policies and money first approach.

Rob • 30th September 2022 •

not to mention the constant glitches we have just been forced to signin 10 times or more in the last 5 minutes trying to list an item

r • 30th September 2022 •