eBay Sept 22 Seller Release – Video

eBay Sept 22 Seller Release - Video

One of the best features of this Seller Release is the widespread availability of video on listings and shop fronts. This gives you the ability to tell your story and showcase products in a way that images can’t match.

With the videos feature, you’re now able to:

  • Tell the story of your business by uploading a video to your Shopfront
  • Let your listings sell themselves by adding videos that educate and inspire customers about your products
  • You can add up to 12 images plus a video – you don’t lose an image slot in the gallery.

Tips on creating a great video

As has always been the case with anything internet related, the porn industry has taken full advantage. On the more reputable end of the porn industry, we can learn a lot from what today is termed the ‘Sexual Wellness’ industry when considering videos and I’d highly recommend taking a look at Love Honey, not for the products themselves but how each one comes with a unique video and how they talk about the features of the product.

Resist the temptation to create a single video and stick it on every listing, while it will take time, create one video for each product and obviously start with the products that generate the most revenue and profit.

Be creative, inspirational, and informative with your videos. Consider common questions, pain points, or reasons your buyers might hesitate, and use videos to:

  • Capture full 360-degree views of items you’re selling
  • Answer buyers’ most common questions or provide step-by-step instructions and installation guides
  • Inspire customers by showing how your items become part of – and improve – peoples’ lives and projects 
  • Build trust by giving buyers an inside look into the value of your product through refurbishment demonstrations, behind-the-scenes production footage, or unique ways you source and ensure quality materials
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