Shopify are not keen on merchants using Buy with Prime

News has been circulating that Shopify don’t want merchants using Amazon Buy with Prime anymore, a service launched in April that lets sellers offer Prime to customers outside of the marketplace.

Although Shopify seemed pleased with the initial launch, Marketplace Pulse have reported that a warning message has started appearing. When merchants using the feature attempt to generate the piece of code they need to display Buy with Prime on their products, they see the following message:

You have a code snippet on your storefront that violates Shopify’s Terms of Service. This script removes Shopify’s ability to protect your store against fraudulent orders, could steal customer data and may cause customers to be charged the wrong amount.

– Shopify message

This message occurs seemingly because Buy with Prime violates a section within Shopify’s terms and conditions that states Shopify Checkout is to be used for any sales associated with a merchants Shopify store. This is so that any payment information is entered before placing an order through the Shopify Checkout API.

Since Shopify began their fight against the service, Amazon have spoken out. They told one reporter that the service does not enable data theft or other fraudulent activity. Buy with Prime, according to the marketplace, was released to make things easier for buyers and sellers. Amazon proceeded to confirm that Buy with Prime uses Amazon Pay, a payment service with high standards of fraud protection as also seen and used on Amazon’s marketplace.

It seems that Shopify are not backing down on their decision to disallow the feature and are unsurprisingly pushing merchants to use Shopify Pay. But will merchants be happy with losing out on the benefits that Buy with Prime gives them? Merchants seemed to be enjoying adding the service to their products.

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Yeah, it's never about what's good for the merchants, but about Shopify's total unashamed greed. Awful.

Lisa • 11th September 2022 • Reply to Lisa