Swan achieve 105% growth on OnBuy

Swan achieve 105% growth on OnBuy

Swan is an award-winning cookware and kitchen accessories brand, with British heritage dating back to the 1920s. In order to start increasing their reach and growing their revenue, Swan collaborated with OnBuy to put their brand in front of a wider audience.

We’ve always seen great potential in OnBuy’s welcoming aesthetic and helpful presence; from one British business to another, we feel very much like we’re in safe hands. They’ve given us the drive, as a company, to succeed.

– Harry Thomson, Sales Executive, Swan

Swan joined OnBuy in 2019, following a referral from the Department of International Trade. The marketplace was well equipped to promote Swan’s business and wide selection of products, advertising their ranges on-site as well as in various marketing and PR campaigns. In never competing with retailers, OnBuy provide a unique service and equal opportunities.

Having increased visibility online has allowed Swan to grow its sales and extend its reach to new consumers. In just one year, Swan had achieved 105% growth, and steadily grew its revenue and personnel, thanks to the reach of OnBuy’s platform.

Enabling Swan to tap into younger markets, OnBuy expanded the brand’s demographic, with a friendly rapport with the team. Through marketing and PR campaigns, OnBuy also encouraged Swan to engage with their customers directly, helping to determine buying habits and preferences, and predict future product trends.

Swan have been able to roll out new ranges and colourways as soon as they launched, bringing them to a total of 715 items in 2021. Quick, easy product upload capabilities mean Swan can release new products as soon as they become available.

The OnBuy team are always caring and quick to respond to any queries we have regarding listings, sales and overall performance. They came along with great recommendations, and we’re so glad we trusted the good vibes.

– Harry Thomson, Sales Executive, Swan

Expanding their business to OnBuy’s platform has allowed Swan to:

  • Broaden their customer base
  • Substantially increase sales
  • Reach new demographics
  • Promote popular ranges

At ChannelX World on the 13th of October in London, you’ll be able to hear more of the Swan story and how they have embraced a range of marketplaces to grow their business, as Katie Lindop, E-Commerce Sales Director for Swan Products takes to the stage. You’ll also hear how Swan adapted during the pandemic to help it to thrive.

With an introduction from the Department of International Trade being the catalyst to Swan’s success on OnBuy, you can also hear from the Department of International Trade in their workshop at ChannelX World.

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