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Twitter can be a goldmine marketing asset for brands, and over the past year, new business focused content has been added, providing great opportunities for building and growing your customer base. One feature that many have been waiting patiently for is the ability to edit Tweets.

It looks like Twitter are finally testing that feature, but it will come with limitations. If you simply want to edit a typo or make other small changes you will only have 30 minutes to do so. You’ll also only have 5 attempts. Presumably, this limitation has been set to avoid malicious tweet amending. As Twitter recently found themselves under fire for security concerns, it makes sense that this feature will be under scrutiny whilst the company ensures it doesn’t lead to further issues. Twitter is already considered a hub for misinformation and being able to rewrite tweets whenever is a scam disaster waiting to happen.

For your business this feature, once fully released, would mean no more deleting and re-tweeting when you make an error in your posts. In reality, the only major difference would be convenience and professionalism. It also means that your post is riding the Twitter wave, and so long as you don’t pass the deadline, will remain that way. No disappearing and reappearing acts needed.

When will I be able to edit my tweets?

Twitter are currently testing this feature within a small circle of users. Later this month the platrform will expand the ability to edit a tweet to Twitter Blue subscribers. The feature will first be tested in a single localised country before being rolled out further. If we go by Twitter Blue availability, we can expect the feature to be heading to the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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