What will you learn at ChannelX World?

What will you learn at ChannelX World

“What will you learn at ChannelX World?” is a great question to ask. You might have signed up to attend the conference as it’s one of the first opportunities to network since the pandemic and we’re all looking forward to that. But to make sure you get the most out of the day you’ll want to select which keynote sessions you are going to attend in advance.

You can check out the full agenda of conference tracks and workshops and book your tickets on the conference website. But we’ve also been asking some of our speakers what you can expect to learn at ChannelX World from them, and here’s what they had to say:

Learn at ChannelX World

Murray Lambell – eBay

I’ll be very thoughtful of paying a lot of attention to where consumer sentiment is at and how they are changing their behaviour.

When we meet in October, we’ll be on the verge of Peak trading, so over the next couple of months me and the team are very focused with our business selling community to get you ready for that Peak trading.

We know it’s going to feel very different this year for our buyers – for your buyers, our buyers – and it’s going feel very different the way that eBay’s going to show up this year. So we’ll talk a little bit about that, and I want to be thoughtful about where’s Government and support and how do we think about planning for the year ahead.

Patrick Nommensen – TikTok

How to get the most out of TikTok Shop and where we see the future of Community Commerce going. I know that for some sellers this will be a whole new frontier, collaborating with creators and selling during live events, so I’m hoping to demystify all of that and help merchants both small and large tap into this new way of shopping.

Stephanie Buret Cruiziat, ManoMano

We will be taking a deep dive into how we utilised a specific industry sector to grow our business and expand our cross-border platform across Europe, alongside our plans to continue this growth, with the recent launch of ManoManoPro being one of the prime examples.

Daniel Finley – Debenhams

How, by working with Debenhams, you can grow your business, direct to consumer sales and customer base quickly and efficiently.

Paul Walker – Runrug

I am going to be sharing a completely open and honest view on the challenges & opportunity’s you face by selling your products on marketplaces. I live and breathe Ecommerce, Digital & Tech and having worked in Ecommerce for some time, I’ve been exposed to the good, bad and ugly when it comes to selling on marketplaces.

During my presentation I’ll share some of these situations and how we managed them. I’m not here to try and sell a product or service, I’m here to share my thoughts and experience with expanding across numerous marketplace (some successfully and some not so much…) and address some of hurdles that stopped us in our tracks. Why? So you don’t make the same mistakes we made!

Liam Haggar-Pietrzak, Buyaparcel

We hope to share some details about our journey with ManoMano, what makes the platform different from other marketplaces and how easy it is to work alongside the ManoMano team on integration, promotion, and customer service.

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Do wish there was a way to network beforehand! These things always work best with prebooked meetings.

Ben • 26th September 2022 • Reply to Ben