12% UK residents experience missing parcels

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More than eight million parcels were lost or stolen in the UK between May 2021 and April 2022. Doorstep parcel theft is something that’s previously been seen as a bigger problem in the US than the UK but the first global report on parcel theft reveals the UK has had the largest increase in missing parcels compared to other countries.

According to the report, the UK saw a 5% rise in the previous 12 months — costing UK customers £320 million in missing goods. The results are part of the world’s first global parcel theft survey which found that close to one in ten people across the world said they had at least one parcel lost or stolen from May 2021 to April 2022, amounting to a staggering 1.009 billion packages globally, at a total cost of £33.6 billion.

The survey revealed the world experienced an all-time high of stolen or lost parcels with an estimated global rise of 155 million compared to the previous 12-month period, despite initiatives to tackle the surge since the pandemic. This is more than a 2% increase.

The report, commissioned by Penn Elcom and sponsored by Scurri was produced by YouGov. It revealed that the UK has suffered the greatest increase, topping the US. UK residents reported a blanket increase in parcel problems across the nation since the previous 12-month period, with 12% of people reporting a parcel lost or stolen, up from 7% between May 2020 and April 2021.

The report also revealed that a staggering 32% of people surveyed in the UK have had a package lost or stolen in their lifetime, which amounts to 21.5 million parcels. The data shows the UK with the largest increase in parcel theft and loss between May 2021 and April 2022. Australia came second nationally at 3%, Canada saw a 2% rise, followed by a 1% rise in the US and the UAE.

When parcel delivery fails at the final hurdle, the customer experience fails expectations and customers may be discouraged from buying online again from that retailer. Real-time data is critical. Simply stating that a package has been dispatched or is on board a last mile delivery vehicle is totally inadequate. Nowadays, most customers anticipate a specific day or time for their deliveries. In order for this to happen, friction has to be removed by seamlessly connecting all aspects of the order, shipping and delivery process and systems, and this can minimise risks of incidents where packages are stolen.

– Gavin Murphy, CMO, Scurri

4 Responses

  1. New homes should be constructed with “parcel postboxes” built in. Why not? That is the sort of foresight I would like to see. Most properties do not have a “safe place” to leave things. Either that or RM should invest in lockers to put packages like Amazon has, if they don’t want to take it back to the office. I’d rather collect my mail at my own convenience

    But Yodel must be the worst for doorstepping, they don’t even ring the bell!

  2. so easy!
    stick a high viz vest on carry a clip board /tablet computer then follow the parcel couriers s, to help yourself to all sorts of goodies from the door step

  3. The last three deliveries I have had from Amazon were left outside our building with no attempt to contact me. It is no wonder that parcels go missing. You might as well stick a sign on them that says steal me.


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