Amazon Click & Collect In-Store for retailers

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Amazon Click & Collect In-Store is a new program that allows customers to order on Amazon and pick up the items from your physical storefront the same day.

Click & Collect in store is a new program enabling Selling Partners with a physical storefront to offer customers the possibility to buy online through Amazon and pick up the items from their stores the same day. With this program, you will be able to reach new customers, drive increased in-store traffic, and expand engagement with your local community.

You can combine the scale of Amazon with your unique in-store experience, while owning your product listing, images, and content for Click & Collect in store enabled products. Click & Collect In-Store is available at no extra charge, for all product categories, to all Selling Partners with at least one retail store or warehouse.

This is hyper attractive for retailers as it means you can attract in-store footfall from sales on Amazon, exposing Amazon customers to your full range of inventory. Once a customer comes into your store to collect an Amazon order, it’s likely that they may consider visiting your retail store as a first port of call in the future. Worst case, they simply shop on Amazon again in the future and once again collect in store. Best case, you gain a new local customer that shops regularly in store.

How does Amazon Click & Collect in store work?

You can offer your products to Amazon customers who live within a 30 miles radius of your retail stores or warehouses. By offering Click & Collect, Amazon customers will be able to easily learn that your products are available for in-store pick-up.

Your products available for Click & Collect in store will be visible to customers at checkout. Customers will be able to choose between home delivery and in-store pick-up options.

Customers will receive messaging about delivery options, pick-up location, timing and process, to help you manage in-store pick up.

How to apply

  1. Apply Submit your application and the Amazon team will contact you.
  2. Launch products Obtain approval and launch your products and inventory for your location(s).
  3. Prepare orders Process your orders preparing items for in-store customer pick up.
  4. Fulfill Complete fulfillment of pre-ordered items through pick up.


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