eBay is helping US women entrepreneurs reach global markets

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You might not be aware but October was National Women’s Small Business Month. As a part of this, eBay have released the U.S. Women-Owned Small Online Business Export Report showing how they are helping women-owned businesses of all sizes reach global markets.

The report found that 97% of U.S. small businesses owned by women on eBay are exporters, compared to less than 1% of traditional businesses. In addition, U.S. women-owned eBay small businesses reach an average of 15 international markets — nearly four times that of traditional businesses. eBay-enabled small businesses owned by women even outperform eBay small businesses overall in reaching international buyers. 

When I began selling 16 years ago, the process to sell internationally was rather complicated, But now, eBay has helped simplify the process and has made selling internationally so much more fluid. I really enjoy selling on a platform that has everything already built in, like eBay.

– Andrea Harrison, Founder, In a Clutch

I can really leverage eBay’s global reach to access a worldwide audience, eBay helps alleviate the stress of an international sale and helps increase my reach to foreign countries. As a small business, I am only able to ship globally thanks to my partnership with eBay.

– Karen Lesak, Founder, Finds For You 

According to eBay the export success of small businesses owned by women on eBay points to the inclusive nature of the marketplace and how they level the playing field by opening access to global markets regardless of size. 

2 Responses

  1. Yesterday I had a very angry [76 Yr old) Dad calling me complaining about eBay Global Shipping. He posted a lovely Hugo Boss jacket to a US custo er via GSP. It arrived and the buyer claimed it was a red t-shirt.

    I told my Dad to contact ebay help, but I ended up doing it!! Their answer to my question of why they had withheld funds was that[my Dad] had to send the buyer a return label. I explained that that can’t be done and would he recommend I therefore fly over to California and go collect it. Fast forward 60 mins of explaining to ebay service agent Abdulla about global geography he hung [gave] up!

    I really think if ebay are going to promote global trade they train their service agents on these scenarios and sort out these scammers who claim “not as described” fraudulently.

  2. Data manipulation at its worst ,the article is a clear case of loading the question, returns the result thats required
    Not to mention its blatant sexist nature


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