eBay seller uses promoted listings to turn treasure hunting into thriving business

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eBay Ads recently spoke to a successful eBay seller who quickly scaled his treasure hunting side hustle into a thriving business with the support of Promoted Listings. Matt shared some insights into his experience and growth.

Matt (the45wearhouse) started putting all of his treasure hunting finds up on his eBay store M&A Distributors back in 2017 as a way to save for his retirement fund. He realised that his side job of selling his flea market finds on eBay could be turned into a full time business.

Leveraging eBay Ads

According to Matt he began using Promoted Listings Standard in 2019 to help him take his business to the next level. It wasn’t until another seller offered to buy all of his inventory that he took the opportunity to rebuild his store and reset the Promoted Listings Standard strategy he had in place. Now he is getting back 10x what he is putting into Promoted Listings Standard.

When Matt had the opportunity to connect with a Promoted Listings Growth Advisor he was able to start over better, faster, more efficiently and more organized. The advisor educated him on the advertising tools that he didn’t know existed like automated campaigns. After promoting all of his listings, impressions jumped 1,000% over the first 30 days of the campaign and he continue to see roughly a 50% increase in sales.

Matt says that the Promotions Manager Markdowns is the best tool he’s ever used, alongside Promoted Listings Standard.

Matt’s Top tips

The number one tip I would give is that you have to take a chance. Give the tools  given to you the opportunity to really work for you. They might not, but if you don’t give them a chance you’re never going to know if the tools are right for you or not. I try to take advantage of every tool, every update, every feature that’s offered on by eBay that can help my business grow. 

The second tip is don’t be scared to take a chance. You’ve got to be able to risk it for the biscuit!

22 Responses

  1. How much are Ebay paying you to write this stuff? Promoted listings is a waste of money. It’s just all about upping the ante because if everyone else is promoted then you have to pay more to be super promoted and on it goes…

  2. Hilarious
    You would think the promoted listings advisor
    Might tip the guy off about PROMOTING Your email address and phone number may get you suspended

  3. Presume this is in the States. You can’t use markdowns on Ebay UK unless the item has been on sale for at least 30 days at full price. So if you end and relist items for visibility no items are ever qualified for this.

  4. Why not have a go at sub title, if you really think ebay tools are there for your benefit ,and not a way of squeezing you dry


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