How to perfect eBay listings with Sarah Bryant

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Sarah Bryant is Director of SMBs at eBay UK and someone who has a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to selling on the marketplace.

We sat down with Sarah to learn more how to perfect eBay listings, eliminate common mistakes, what drives conversion rates and reduces returns.

In the video, you’ll also discover how you can learn more about perfecting eBay Listings with content suitable for both brand new eBay sellers and established eBay Businesses.

00:00 Biggest mistakes people make when creating eBay listings

01:55 Tip to potentially reduce returns by 35%-40%

03:26 What quality video production do you need for listings and eBay shops

06:03 Item Specifics – How much effort should you put in?

08:45 Promotional tools – which to use, when and why

13:20 Mistakes to avoid when using eBay Promotions

16:22 If you liked this content, where can you learn more? – Start Up Scale Up, ProTrader and eBay Academy. You can sign up for eBay Academy here.

15 Responses

  1. we understand the theory of item specifics ,though in practice listing using item specifics, can be frustrating, complicated , time consuming, unintuitive,
    repetitive or inaccurate, , often needlessly broke down to just about their atomic structure

  2. and for mister pattersons benefit
    we are ultra expert with cherry on the top listing on ebay
    we have listed on ebay for over 20years multiple ids millions of sales
    we dont give a flying fiddle if were finding fault with ebay
    we want ebay to be better , we make our living from ebay
    piddling up their back wont change their methods

  3. Descriptions ! if they are of such importance
    with a “see full description” click thru

  4. with respect to sarah bryant
    does see actually sell, or operate a business on ebay
    does she actually have experience of listing
    at the sharp end

  5. To create a stand alone eBay listing (including a correct and full item description) is without doubt the longest process of any major online selling platform. Period.
    The item specifics are a joke. There are those of you that will say however “but eBay needs this information so as the buyer can find what they want”.
    Absolute poppycock. The eBay item search is so gamed by promoted listings and the hiding of other sellers items that in reality often the buyer can’t find what they want because eBay are only showing the items that they think are appropriate (and more profitable).
    Sales have crashed, page views have crashed and for the first time in 20 years we are now selling more on other platforms than we are on eBay.

  6. Listing on ebay is now like ,playing chess , the price is right and
    Pass the parcel, ,
    All at once

  7. Great advice but no matter how many times you picture and mention a defect in a listing a buyer will still open not as described return and get supported via ebay for the return.

    Amazon don’t require 10 – 12 pictures for items and manage to sell much better than ebay. If listing already created takes about 30 seconds.

    Shopify make it quick and easy to list. Up to 17 boxes to list plus 3 -5 for Google Shopping

    ebay up to 52 potential boxes to fill in to create a listing for wine glasses. 3 different boxes saying the item includes wine glasses.

    New listing tool is still awful even after the recent changes, to much clicking in and out out boxes. Style over substance.

  8. Item specifics is a waste of time. When you search using item specifics, our listings still come up regardlesss of whether they are on our listing. Then they are completely undermined by promoted listings.

    The only way to succeed on eBay is promoted listings.


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