Walmart expands marketplace opportunity for Indian exporters in U.S. and Canada

Walmart Marketplace are expanding opportunity for Indian exporters, helping them leverage the marketplace to grow and bring a wider assortment of quality international products shoppers.

Walmart first started welcoming Indian sellers to the U.S. Marketplace earlier this year allowing U.S. shoppers to get products from great Indian companies. At a recent Walmart Global Seller Summit held in Delhi, visitors were told that Walmart is now also welcoming Indian exporters to apply to join Walmart Canada Marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace is the ideal choice for brands and sellers that want to connect with American consumers on a trusted platform. With the busy holiday season fast approaching, Walmart are making it even easier for sellers from the U.S. and other key markets by leveraging tools like Walmart Connect and Walmart Fulfilment Services.

The Walmart team continues to bring great new companies from India into their ecosystem. Emerging direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands work with Walmart’s dedicated India-based team to onboard at speed and make the most of Marketplace tools and services to achieve success with U.S. customers.

Being a digitally native brand, we take an omnichannel approach to cater to consumers across online and offline formats. Our journey – from sourcing and production to distribution, retail and delivery – puts the customer experience front and center, and we are proud to scale to global markets with a unique product proposition and a strong quality-first mindset, Our partnership with the Walmart U.S. Marketplace has helped us reach more consumers in that market and become part of their daily coffee routine. We are excited about possibilities to grow further and build a globally known brand.

– Rage Coffee’s CEO and founder Bharat Seth

Walmart’s strategy is to build long-term relationships with great sellers from the U.S. and other key markets such as India. Walmart continue to support sellers of all sizes to help them innovate and provide the best value to their customers on through a focus on value, assortment and quality.

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