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All Amazon merchants need to be aware of French EPR payments as if you are not paying them Amazon will start to pay them on your behalf and not only bill you for your French EPR payments but soon start to add on a service fee for doing so.

If you are selling products relevant for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on to customers with a shipping address in France, but do not register with the respective producer responsibility organization(s) (PROs) and do not provide Amazon with a valid EPR registration number (UIN) corresponding for those products, you will not be compliant with the French EPR regulation.

In France, Amazon is legally required to check if you comply with your EPR obligations through the collection of valid UINs for the products you sell on As of 2022, this applies to 15 product categories (new categories to be launched in the upcoming years).

What do you need to do if you already have an EPR registration number (UIN)?

If you already have an EPR registration number (UIN), you should submit it by 31st of December on the Compliance Portal on Seller Central

What will happen if you don’t provide your EPR registration number (UINs)?

If you have not provided your EPR registration number (UINs), Amazon will pay and report eco-contribution fees on your behalf. This service is called Pay on Behalf.

Here is how Pay on Behalf works:

  1. Amazon will prepare declaration reports with the details requested by the qualified PRO(s) selected by Amazon and send those reports to the PRO(s). This information includes:
    • The quantities (number of units or weight of products) of your EPR-applicable sales.
    • Mandatory details such as device type (e.g. refrigerator, baby clothing, chair)
    • Product attributes (for example, packaging material, furniture materials)
    • To prepare the reports, Amazon uses information provided in your listings, or default values in the absence of such information.
  2. Amazon will submit reports for each applicable EPR category at the end of the PRO’s reporting cycle (which may be quarterly, semi-annual or annual, depending on the PRO and EPR category).
  3. Amazon will pay the applicable eco-contributions to each PRO.
  4. Amazon will recover these amounts from your seller account later.

What are the service fees for Pay on Behalf service?

For your sales on during 2022, Amazon will make eco-contribution payments on your behalf without any additional service fee. Starting 2023, for your sales on, there will be an additional service fee for Pay on Behalf for each category.

Amazon will be updating the service fee information here soon

Do you want to have an EPR registration number (UIN) but you don’t have one yet?

If you don’t have an EPR registration number (UIN) but you would like to get registered in the country for the categories you sell in, you can also register with PROs independently and obtain UINs. If you need support with this process, sign-up to EPR Services on Amazon.


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