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In October, Amazon launched the free unbranded packaging programme for Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) orders in the United Kingdom. They have now announced that MCF unbranded packaging is available when Amazon ships your footwear and clothing orders.

The MCF unbranded packaging programme enables sellers to fulfil orders from off-Amazon sales channels in unbranded packaging for no additional fee. The packaging materials – including boxes, tape and poly bags – don’t contain any Amazon branding.

There can be few people in the country who haven’t purchased something from a website or marketplace and been vaguely surprised when the parcel arrived in Amazon branded packaging. The culprit is Amazon MCF (multi-channel fulfilment) and it’s when a retailer uses Amazon FBA to fulfil orders from the Amazon store but also use the same fulfilment for their own website and other selling channels.

This programme eliminates confusion for customers who had previously placed an order on Shopify, eBay and received their products in Amazon-branded packaging. Canny shoppers will still be able to suss what’s going on however, as their packages will ship with an Amazon Logistics label.

All MCF sellers are automatically enrolled in this programme. The programme applies to all sortable items and items less than 45.72 x 35.56 x 20.32 cm, 9 kg or both.

Amazon MCF unbranded packaging

MCF unbranded packaging order fulfilment works in two simple steps and does not involve any additional fees.

  1. Inbound shipment creation: Send your inventory to Amazon fulfilment centers using the standard inbound process you follow for MCF. MCF will automatically place your inventory in the Amazon network for unbranded packaging fulfilment.
  2. Order routing: MCF orders will be prioritised to ship in unbranded packaging when inventory is available for unbranded packaging.

You can check on your performance dashboard to find out what percentage of your orders are being shipped in unbranded packaging.


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