Fashion Brands: Ecommerce World Review

Fashion Brands and Marketplaces 2022

If you missed the Ecommerce World Review of Fashion Brands and Marketplaces session at 2pm today, then you can download the Fashion Brands and Marketplaces 2022 Report here.

The Fashion Brands Marketplace Report looks at how the fashion industry is embracing marketplaces – both established behemoths such as Amazon, Alibaba and eBay and the new crop of dedicated fashion marketplaces such as Zalando, Asos and Shein.

It also assesses which retailers have launched their own dedicated fashion marketplaces and which have chosen to partner up with established operations and seeks to uncover the impact this adoption of marketplaces has on the brands and retailers in fashion – as well as the impact on what it delivers for consumers.

The report uncovers how fashion marketplaces are continuing to evolve including how mobile is shifting basic customer experience and the rise of social media in shopping. It will showcase what it means to be a fashion marketplace – and what all this means for fashion ecommerce generally.

Plus, discover how brands and retailers servicing this sector are being shaped by environmental concerns and what they are doing to change their businesses as a result.

Finally, the report looks at growth drivers for 2022 and beyond, including livestreaming, the rise of mobile and social commerce.

Fashion Brands and Marketplaces 2022 Report Insights

  • Who are the main fashion marketplace players in EMEA and what are their traffic, revenues and profits?
  • Which key fashion brands use marketplaces and what are they selling on them?
  • How consumers are shopping fashion on marketplaces and what are the key drivers in each region?
  • Key trends that will shape this market in the years ahead.

In the report, you’ll also find analysis of eight European marketplaces, download you copy today.

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