Instabox Netherlands announce bankruptcy

Instabox Netherlands have announced their bankruptcy not too long after the company announced a merger with Budbee.

Swedish parcel locker company Instabox entered the Netherlands with their red parcel lockers just last year but it’s safe to say this venture proved unsuccessful. In an announcement on a blinding red background, it says:

We regret to inform you that Instabox Netherlands B.V. has been put into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee has assumed responsibility for the company. If you are expecting a delivery from Instabox or want to make a return, please reach out to the webshop where you placed your order. If you have any other questions, please reach out to


An email shared by one twitter user shares how the decision although difficult has been carefully considered. The true impact the bankruptcy will make on employees, customers, and partners is still unclear but Instabox say they will do all they can do make it as small as possible.

This has been a very difficult decision to take, and it comes after long and careful consideration. We understand the negative impact this decision will have on our employees, customers, and other partners. We will do our upmost to ensure that the impact of this decision for our employees, customers and partners is as small as possible.

We understand that information like this raises many questions and possible concerns about future business as well as outstanding payments, for example. The trustee will be able to address your concerns. You will be contacted by him regarding any claims you may have.

– Instabox
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