Mirakl Ads to monetise marketplace web traffic

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Mirakl have announced the launch of Mirakl Ads, a retail media network (RMN) solution empowering businesses to monetise ecommerce web traffic across marketplace and first party offerings while delivering more value to advertisers, marketplace sellers and publishers.

The Mirakl Ads solution is the newest addition to Mirakl’s growth solutions portfolio of products, delivering greater value by optimising and diversifying ecommerce revenue streams. It will begin in April 2023 via a global early access program.

Retail media has become one of the most dynamic trends in ecommerce. Projected to reach $160 billion globally by 2027, this trend is creating a massive opportunity for online retailers to monetize web traffic. But existing solutions don’t meet the needs of today’s ecommerce landscape, lacking the control, visibility, and buying experience required to deliver adequate return on investment. Through its unique position at the center of the marketplace ecosystem, Mirakl is well-positioned to change this dynamic for the better with the launch of Mirakl Ads.
Ads for sellers

Mirakl Ads will provide advertisers and marketplace sellers with a seamless and relationship-driven platform to optimise their digital advertising spend. It will offer access to many of the largest marketplaces in the world with a unique cross-commerce solution to maximize their return on investment.

Mirakl Ads streamlines campaign management with automated campaign capabilities that leverage sales data and sellers’ store catalogues to determine which sponsored ads will generate the best engagement, while also offering real-time performance metrics. The unified solution also eliminates the need for multiple logins, additional integrations, and disparate budgets.
Ads for marketplaces

For publishers and marketplace operators, this platform-agnostic solution represents a significant improvement to what currently exists in the market. Mirakl Ads is compatible with marketplace, drop ship and first-party eCommerce, working seamlessly across a full digital product assortment. Unlike existing solutions that allow dynamic auction bidding to go unchecked, Mirakl Ads empowers users to define campaign performance metrics, resulting in greater advertising revenue and control. Additionally, leveraging the deep relationships Mirakl has built with sellers over the past decade, most notably the thousands of pre-qualified sellers in the Mirakl Connect ecosystem; pre-built integrations; campaign automation; and a team of retail media experts available to help set up and scale campaign operations, Mirakl is bringing an innovative digital ads-in-a-box solution for publishers to launch and grow faster.

In addition to boosting publisher profitability and advertiser sales, Mirakl Ads is also designed to optimise the buying experience for the end customer. Instead of irrelevant, distracting ads that can hurt the user experience, Mirakl Ads will surface the most relevant sponsored products to the right customers, leveraging Mirakl’s proprietary AI. With actionable insights tied directly to sales performance, publishers, advertisers and third-party sellers can better serve customers by refining their strategies to enhance the end customer experience and maximize return on investment.

Retail media networks offer massive potential for businesses to supercharge their eCommerce growth, but the existing solutions available today simply don’t offer the capabilities needed to deliver value in today’s eCommerce landscape. Mirakl Ads is changing that dynamic for the better. Advertisers, marketplace sellers and publishers will finally have a marketplace-ready solution that not only boosts publisher profitability and advertiser sales, but also optimizes the buying experience for the customers themselves, leveraging the power of Mirakl’s technology, expertise, and ecosystem.

– Jean-Gabriel de Mourgues, executive vice president Connect and Growth Solutions, Mirakl

Mirakl Ads is the latest addition to Mirakl’s comprehensive suite of solutions to help businesses vastly improve customer experience, accelerate seller growth and performance, and maximize financial results. As marketplaces scale, Mirakl’s Growth Solutions empower businesses to capture their full value:

● Powering curation at scale: Always get the right product in front of the right customer at the right time and increase conversions with Mirakl Target2Sell;

● Accelerating business expansion: Reduce the regulatory burden and complexity of seller payments while optimizing marketplace seller experience with Mirakl Payout; and,

● Creating new opportunities for profitable growth: Unlock profitable new revenue streams with Mirakl Ads, which empowers marketplaces to monetize their website while delivering more value to third-party sellers and advertisers.

Initial availability for Mirakl Ads will begin in April 2023 via a global early access program.


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