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Amazon Inspire is rolling out in the US, as a new, TikTok-esque mixed with a touch of Instagram, feature combining short videos and images which are instantly shoppable.

To get started with Amazon Inspire, users need to select their interests and then their shoppable feed will be personalised with photo and video content selected just for them. Shop as you scroll enables users to quickly learn more about products tagged in in photos and videos, access reviews, and add the item to their shopping cart. Feeds will be personalised not just by initial interests when first opening Inspire, but also by the content they engage with and like in their feed.

Inspire appears to build on the Amazon Live shopping feature which never really took off. Creators weren’t engaged as building an audience and monetising Live didn’t prove easy. Amazon will be hoping they’ve solved the concerns and built a more attractive platform for influencers, but the likes on TikTok and Instagram will remain stiff competition. For Inspire to be a success from the influencer perspective it’s got to generate reliable income an so Amazon have some tricks up their sleeve to garner content from brands and consumers to pad content streams.

How to monetise Amazon Inspire

Billed as “With Amazon Inspire, easily discover and shop products personalized to your interests from other customers, the latest influencers, and a wide range of brands.”, the big interest will be how do you get to make money from this new feature?

For brands, the answer is quite simple – If you are a vendor or seller enrolled in Brand Registry with an active Brand Store, the qualifying photos you post to Brand Posts are eligible to appear in Inspire.

Unfortunately there is no silver bullet to ensure your products will be featured, and I guess it will be very dependent upon whether a consumer tags similar interests as to if they see your offer. Nonetheless, it’s a strong argument for building up your Brand Posts which should be a part of your regular Amazon activity anyway – if you’re posting on social media in any format (shorts or image), why aren’t you also posting that content on Amazon?

For influencers, it’s a somewhat easier path to monetising Amazon Inspire, if you’re enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program, photos and videos posted to your Amazon Influencer storefront are eligible to appear in Inspire.

Consumers (shoppers on Amazon) can also potentially have their content highlighted, but in this case there won’t be any monetary benefit – submitting a product review may result in your content appearing in Inspire. While this is the freebie route for Amazon to build Inspire content, it’s also likely to the the bulk of the content as sheer numbers of customer reviews will outweigh any activity Influencers and Brands can produce. However there will be some quality metrics involved, so this should deter you from producing shorts and images specifically for Amazon.

Amazon Inspire will only be available on the Android and iOS apps, with no planned release date for desktop.


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