Maximise 2023 New Year sales for stock clearance

With most carriers having already declared that anything despatched this week won’t arrive in time for Christmas, retailers are likely to end up with a ton of unsold stock and 2023 New Year sales should be spectacular. Stock needs to be cleared to make way for the new season and as consumer spending power shrinks, brands and retailers need to use every trick in the book to capture sales.

In our ebook with Motive, we explore five ways retailers can utilise on site search to increase sales during peak periods and the 2023 New Year sales will be one of the most critical peaks ever.

Your shop’s search is a great way to take advantage of increased traffic during the peak shopping season and drive ecommerce sales. Retailers can instantly react to trends and changing customer needs during busy times in order to maximise revenue and prevent missed sales due to bad shopping experiences. 

Having the right tool is key, and proactivity matters. During the busy shopping season, it’s essential to be confident that your shop can convert increased traffic into sales. But it’s also important to know how you can optimise your search to convert more customers when traffic to your website might not be as high. 

Underestimating the power of good product discovery is risky. According to research from The Harris Poll, commissioned by Google Cloud, more than $333bn is lost each year in the US to online retailers because the search function or search box failed to provide consumers with the item they were looking for.

Download our ebook to read the vital information retailers need to gain a competitive sales advantage for the 2023 New Year sales, while maintaining transparency and digital trust in the search and discovery process.

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