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A new Amazon Business Packaging Store has launched, aiming to make it easy to order packaging materials for your products such as boxes, envelopes, wraps, film, tape, bags, and more all in one place.

You can access the Packaging Store using your Amazon Business customer account. If you don’t have one yet, create a new account or convert your customer account to an Amazon Business customer account. However there is absolutely nothing to stop you ordering packaging from your normal consumer account should you wish to.

The Amazon Business Packaging Store is split into:

  • Mailers (boxes and mail bags)
  • Envelopes (envelopes, mailers and padded mailers)
  • Packaging Materials (Bubble wrap, film and tape)
  • Shopping and Gift Wrap (currently almost exclusively Christmas related)

With quantities varying from 2,000 units down to 10s or even singles, and with the Prime Delivery promise, this is a convenient way to top up packaging for small businesses in a hurry. However, even with Amazon’s massive scale you may find better deals with your regular suppliers for your regular packaging orders in quantity.

It is likely that for serious online retailers that the Amazon Business Packaging Store will be of little interest but that won’t be the case for packaging retailers. Depending how much eBay promote the new store, this could represent a big opportunity for those suppliers who’s products show up towards the top of the search results. It will result in relatively small orders but the quantity of orders could be significant.


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