Amazon FBA & Referral Fee Changes March 1st

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Amazon Referral and FBA fees changes are coming and will largely take effect on the 1st of March, 2023. You’ll want to check the new fees and assess how they impact your business, but also keep an eye out for changes to terms such as long term storage time periods and small and light price qualifications as these are also being updated.

As we start the new year, we’d like to thank you for your continued partnership. We started 2022 expecting a return to normality as COVID-19 restrictions eased. However, fuel prices and inflationary pressure presented further challenges, some COVID-19-related challenges persisted and we’ve seen concerns about a recession arise in many places around the world. Despite these challenges, you persevered and demonstrated tremendous agility and, together, we have served customers well.

We continue to invest heavily in people, technology, transportation and infrastructure to innovate on behalf of our selling partners. We do this while also working to be more efficient and manage our costs to serve you and customers so that we can provide an amazing service that’s also great value.

– Amazon

Amazon FBA & Referral Fee Changes

Most referral fees will not change and but Amazon say that they will be making ‘moderate increases’ to the FBA fees you are charged.

You can review the fee changes and how they will impact your Amazon business at 2023 Amazon Europe FBA and referral fee changes summary.

Bidding reservation fees for additional FBA capacity

This news follows the announcement that sellers will be able to bid to gain more FBA storage. You can request additional capacity based on a reservation fee that you specify, and those that bid the most will be allocated available space. However, you may not have to pay as once additional capacity is granted, your reservation fees are offset by earning performance credits from the sales you generate using the extra capacity – if you think you can sell more then it is worth bidding to reserve additional capacity.


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