eBay reveals 2023 Love Island pre-loved trends

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eBay reveals 2023 Love Island pre-loved trends

eBay UK, the pre-loved fashion partner of Love Island, has revealed the new fashion mindset set to take over the 2023 Love Island villa – ‘Reflective Dressing’.

This mindset will encourage people to reflect on the way they shop and the way they dress. It is set to be popular both on and off screen, as the Islanders will wear pre-loved and inspire the nation to follow suit. ‘Reflective Dressing’ encourages everyone to shop pre-loved first and recognise the power of fashion as a vehicle for self-expression.

Following the impact that the partnership had last series on changing the conversation around fashion, we’re delighted to be continuing to shift the dial with this new mindset. If we can inspire fans to buy or sell just one item of pre-loved clothing this year, we’re heading in the right direction. Especially in a month like January where consumers are in the mindset of creating new habits, now is the perfect time for them to think about how they shop for fashion in the year ahead.

– Kirsty Keoghan, GM Global Fashion at eBay UK

Bringing ‘Reflective Dressing’ to life, eBay’s Pre-loved Fashion Stylist Amy Bannerman, has curated four fashion trends which are heading straight to the villa wardrobe. These are ‘Tutti Frutti’, ‘Business vs Party’, ‘Dressed up Denim’ and ‘Heavy Metal’.

The fashion that we wear is a much more powerful statement than many of us appreciate, it can help us to express who we truly are. Reflection is not only a great way to reveal more about your personality, culture and values, but coordinating styles or trends with a potential love interest can also really heighten attractions. And pre-loved is definitely the way to go, it can help save money and is a great way to find some seriously hidden gems. I had all these considerations in mind when sourcing fashion for the villa and hope to influence this mindset upon viewers too!

Amy Bannerman, eBay’s Pre-loved Fashion Stylist

More reflective shopping choices would positively impact the planet and the nation’s pockets. New data, compiled in partnership with WRAP, finds that if every shopper bought one pre-loved fashion item instead of new in a month, the nation could divert 6,000 tonnes from disposal- the equivalent to over 260,000 filled suitcases!

The new research from eBay UK also reveals that although 75% of people reflect on their shopping habits, nearly one-quarter of consumers have over 11 unworn items in their wardrobes – that’s around £580 worth of unworn items which they could cash in on.

eBay UK is Love Island’s fashion partner for a second time this series, providing pre-loved clothing for Islanders and for the first time, a selection of pre-loved, authenticated sneakers and items from eBay’s Imperfects range.  To dress like the Islanders and shop for your own Pre-Love Island look, head over to the dedicated Love Island hub on eBay UK.

Promoting a more circular approach to shopping, eBay is offering all customers £5 off their next pre-loved fashion purchase from 16th January to 13th March while the show is on.

To showcase the trends heading into the villa further, Amy Bannerman has shared a description of what to expect from each.

2023 Love Island pre-loved trends

1) Tutti Frutti

This trend is all about colour and joy. It’s all about the pinks, yellows, oranges and blues, integrated in an explosion of neon blazers and bright two-pieces. Dopamine dressing is here to stay from the summer, it’s just gone up a notch! We are finding people are dressing to boost their mood, steering away from neutrals, totally joyous! The trend has been seen all over the runways, with pops of colour being worn by style-icon Hailey Bieber as she casually walks to get her morning coffee. I love how this trend really brings someone’s personality to life, and it can be done so simply with just one bold item in an outfit, or top to toe, depending on how brave you feel.

– Amy Bannerman

Shoppers started thinking ahead at the end of last year, with Tutti Frutti making a statement amongst shoppers:
● 162.50% more searches for ‘neon crop top’
● 118.18% more searches for ‘bright shirt’
● 90.48% more searches for ‘neon trousers’
● 50% more searches for ‘colourful co-ord’
● 32.69% more searches for ‘neon shirt’

2) Business V Party

This trend is the merging of partywear with slouchy tailoring and creating unique looks that can be worn day and night. For boys it is luxe shirts with smarter trousers. We’re seeing this trend showcased by the likes of Bella Hadid and Pete Davidson – it’s a great way to really make a statement simply in the outfit. It’s all about crystal pieces paired with blazer dresses and effortless two pieces that create a blurred line between business and party.

– Amy Bannerman

Not just a fad, we saw this trend in classic tailoring with a twist rise in popularity towards the end of last year, with a rise in searches on eBay including:
● 83.99% more searches for ‘oversized shirt’
● 80.28% more searches for ‘cropped blazer’
● 60.94% more searches for ‘shirt dress’
● 25.02% more searches for ‘corset’

3) Dressed up Denim

Encouraging people to reflect on their shopping habits, this trend will bring to life the ways pre-loved denim can be upcycled to give pieces a new lease of life. Everyone has an item of denim in their wardrobe, whether it be a years-old denim jacket or a classic mini skirt. This trend is one that I think will come in and out year after year. For the girls, it’s all about the classic co-ords and fitted jumpsuits, and for the boys, we’re going to be seeing loose fitting oversized shirts paired with long-length shorts.
I’m excited about this trend, although it’s such a classic, there are so many different ways you can wear denim.

– Amy Bannerman

It’s clear everyone wants a slice of denim, with searches on eBay last year increasing:
● 95.45% more searches for ‘ripped denim jacket’
● 60.92% more searches for ‘straight leg jeans’
● 35.06% more searches for ‘flared jeans’
● 53.25% more searches for ‘levis’
● 17.28% more searches for ‘denim mini skirt’

4) Heavy Metal

Inspired by Kourtney and Travis and taking the Love Island wardrobe to the dark side. Bringing back rebellious dressing with metallic skirts, leather jackets and vintage Ts, this trend feeds into both self-expression and showing pre-loved classics that will last a lifetime.

This trend will pair classic heavy metal with current fashion. It’s all about cut out tops, using sparkly pieces to lift the looks, metallic skirts, sexy leather trousers and timeless leather bombers.. We’ve seen it on the runway with designers going OTT with palettes and crystal fringing and we’ve seen it on the streets too.

– Amy Bannerman

This is the trend that’s about having structure with no structure! And we saw this trend becoming popular towards the end of last year:
● 137.31% more searches for ‘sparkly tights’
● 32.23% more searches for ‘leather boots’
● 55.43% more searches for ‘cut out top’
● 28.15% more searches for ‘studded belt’
● 43.28% more searches for ‘fringe jacket’
● 76.28% more searches for ‘silver dress’


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