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OnBuy 2023 Road Map OnBuy Payments OnBuy first profitable month and strategic investment

OnBuy have emailed sellers setting out the OnBuy 2023 roadmap and what to expect from the first quarter.

We’ve been looking at ways to not just improve – but transform – the shopping and selling experience on OnBuy. We don’t just want to create a better marketplace, we want to create the best marketplace for you and your customers, and that all starts with making some real, positive changes.

– Cas Paton, CEO, OnBuy

OnBuy 2023 roadmap

OnBuy Payments

OnBuy will be moving away from PayPal as their exclusive payment provider. OnBuy say that sellers have told them they want to cut out the middleman and moving away from complex dispute resolution and hard-to-reach support.  

The first step in the OnBuy 2023 roadmap will be to take control of all transactions on OnBuy alongside Nuvei, their new payment partner. This means simple, direct transactions, straightforward fees and quicker, more personal dispute resolution, as well as top-notch support from our UK-based team. Plus, OnBuy say that this will provide a new and improved shopping experience for your customers, with the choice of their favourite payment options at the checkout, including Klarna and PayPal. 

Moving to an OnBuy owned payment solution is key to the future of the marketplace – we saw with eBay the problem of relying on PayPal and how they were forced to spin off PayPal as a separate company, but that wasn’t their biggest problem.

Sellers hated having two companies to deal with and for buyers it was a bizarre situation that they had to create an eBay account to make a purchase and then a PayPal account in order to pay. OnBuy payments will mean buyers will be able to purchase with a single OnBuy log in and, noting that PayPal offer a fantastic service for many, PayPal will still be available but other solutions such as BNPL will be introduced.

Sellers also detested having to fight an eBay case and if they won, the buyer could simply attempt to double dip with a PayPal chargeback and if the seller fought and won this they could, if they paid via credit card, have a third attempt at getting a refund. OnBuy payments will put this to bed and sellers will only have a single case file to deal with – OnBuy.

The switch to OnBuy paments is planned for Monday, the 6th of March 2023. OnBuy will send out more updates soon, so keep an eye on your inbox and look out for announcements on your Seller Control Panel over the coming weeks.

Upcoming changes

OnBuy have given also notice that more changes to the marketplace will be coming in March without being too specific about what to expect:

In March 2023, we’ll announce another major change to the business which will deliver a huge reason for shoppers to choose OnBuy as their go-to marketplace. These next few months will be some of the most important in our story to date, placing us as a cutting-edge leader in the industry and driving customers to make OnBuy their first choice, again and again.

– Cas Paton, CEO, OnBuy

One Response

  1. So they haven’t cut out the middleman, simply changed to a different middleman. As with eBay, that just means you’ll no longer be getting your money instantly.

    Also there is some wrong info in this article – you never HAD to have a Paypal account to pay with Paypal, you could always checkout as a guest using your card credentials. And though I never tried it, I don’t think you need an Ebay account either but can also be a guest, correct me if I am wrong.

    But the idea that for a buyer having to use 2 companies is complicated is just ridiculous. When you pay for something in a shop with your card you are using 2 companies. It reminds me of when Ebay told us sellers to offer “free” postage because it was too complicated for buyers to add two numbers together.


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OnBuy 2023 Road Map OnBuy Payments OnBuy first profitable month and strategic investment

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