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Amazon Account Health Rating Update

Over the past few years, sellers have asked Amazon for more insight into account health-related issues. Amazon rolled out a new version of the Account Health Rating in August 2022 to sellers in the US and Canada stores and now it’s come to the UK, EU and Türkiye.

Amazon have added new features to your Account Health page that will provide more transparency into your account health status.

These new features will allow you to spend more time growing your business and delighting customers, and less time worrying about your account health and potential disruption to your business.

– Amazon

Colour Coded Amazon Account Health Rating

You will find your Account Health Rating (AHR) displayed as a numeric score ranging from 0 to 1,000 (in addition to the colour coding), enabling you to see how close you are to the various thresholds that move your Account Health Rating from green (“Healthy”) to yellow (“At Risk”) to red (“Unhealthy”).

  • If your AHR is green (“Healthy,” based on a score of 200-1,000), that means your account is not at risk of deactivation. If your AHR is yellow (“At Risk,” based on a score of 100-199), your account is at risk of deactivation.
  • When your AHR is red (“Unhealthy,” based on a score of 99 or lower), your account is either eligible for deactivation or already deactivated.
  • Amazon are also displaying the degree to which any violations you might incur impact your account health, allowing you to prioritise addressing those that are most negatively affecting it.

Amazon are offering a 7-day preview period that started yesterday, for you to see your AHR score and status, and address any open violations in your account to improve your score. Following this 7 day period, your account may be deactivated if your AHR score is red or “Unhealthy”.

By looking at your policy adherence holistically, we want to create a predictable and consistent experience for you to manage your business, while still maintaining a high bar for the Amazon customer experience. We encourage you to go to your Account Health page and, if your account is in “at risk” or “unhealthy” status, address any open issues affecting your score before the 7-day period ends to avoid potential deactivation.

We will continue to work hard to make it easier for you to monitor your account health and performance. If you have any questions or suggestions about how we might improve the AHR, please visit Seller Forums and browse to the “Account Health” category there to share your thoughts. Our team of Account Health Specialists is ready to answer any questions surfaced there.

– Amazon

2 Responses

  1. What a lot of bs 🙁 they allow you to use RM24 and RM48 – knowing that there is no proper tracking AND they show estimated delivery to buyers – yet harass you when there are no scans – even when buyers do not complain about late / non delivery?!?
    But if you buy more expensive label through them… Isn’t that extortion???


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