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Mirakl have announced the company generated $135 million in Annual Recurring Revenue in 2022. This growth is consistent with the last three years compound growth of around 40%. A record number of leading brands joined Mirakl’s customer roster and launched new Mirakl marketplaces worldwide last year, including B&Q, Lyreco, Macy’s, Sonepar and Superdrug.

While most brands will want their partners to be running robust businesses, Mirakl’s profits aren’t of direct interest. What matters and is important is that Mirakl’s growth demonstrates that there is huge appetite for brands and retailers to diversify and double down on their website investments by opening marketplaces.

This success is evidence of the rapid global adoption of platform business models and the continued growth of the marketplace category that Mirakl created and definitively leads, with ∼$6 billion transacted on marketplace and dropship through Mirakl Platform last year (+43% year-over-year).

Mirakl Marketplaces performance

Businesses with platform models (including marketplaces and dropship) outperformed their peers by every measure last year, whether as platform operators, sellers, or technology partners. Year-over-year (YoY) marketplace and dropship sales on Mirakl Platform increased by 49% in Europe and 47% in North America in 2022.

In B2C, sales through Mirakl Platform continued their steady upward trajectory, growing by +38% YoY. In B2B industries, sales through Mirakl Platform gained a strong momentum with GMV increasing +76% YoY. This sustained growth demonstrates the continued impact and potential for platform models across industries.

In 2022, Mirakl expanded its market-leading suite with the introduction of Mirakl Ads, acquisition of Mirakl Target2Sell, and launch of Mirakl Payout:

  • Transforming the retail media market with Mirakl Ads: A next-generation retail media solution to monetize traffic & data and capture more profitable revenue, working seamlessly for both marketplaces and first-party ecommerce.
  • Enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales with Mirakl Target2Sell: Personalized, intelligent recommendations and optimized search rankings & results, powered by Mirakl AI, ensure the right products always get the right visibility.
  • Accelerating time to market and optimizing the seller experience with Mirakl Payout: A globally compliant payout solution that reduces the complexity of seller onboarding and payment, so that you can launch faster, attract top sellers and accelerate growth.

Mirakl also advanced the technical and product leadership of the industry-defining Mirakl Platform, the only solution that makes it possible to scale marketplace and dropship, separately or unified, on a single platform. With the introduction of One Creditor, Mirakl Platform now offers even more options to accelerate speed, scale, agility and profitability. New features like AI-powered product data mapping, customer care intelligence, and advanced pricing make it possible to bring unmatched scale to a platform business.

Sell on Mirakl Marketplaces

The Mirakl Connect ecosystem continued its rapid expansion in 2022, with the number of qualified sellers on Mirakl Connect increasing by 85%. New FastTrack Onboarding, catalogue matching, and customer care dashboard make it even easier for businesses to find, onboard, and manage thousands of pre-vetted, high-quality sellers. Last year, Mirakl collaborated with more than 60 best-in-market partner solutions and saw the successful development of 16 new pre-built connectors, helping hundreds of platforms and thousands of sellers scale operations & add new capabilities.

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  1. I started out using Mirakl years ago. It has definitely ballooned with the amount of marketplaces it has available. Sadly not so much in the UK certainly in my sector anymore. Used to be great got me away from Amazon and a lot of eBay but that was when we had the EU.
    I used to find the retailers who used them however did not last long. Game, shopto, Coolshop,Wupti, all sites I used never lasted long and they shut their sites off at a moment’s notice, that Coolshop left me with thousands in stock I bought for it. Integrations were always a pain.

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