New eBay Fine Jewellery Guidelines

Fine Jewellery

eBay have implemented new fine jewellery guidelines which should result in cheaper costume jewellery being eliminated from the category. This will enhance the buying experience and favour businesses that genuinely retail fine Jewellery. Naturally it will have an impact on those who have previously taken liberties listing costume jewellery in incorrect categories and over time this detrimental impact should be reduced.

We’re making some updates to our Fine Jewellery policy listing guidelines to help you improve conversion and reduce potential issues from having unclear or inaccurate item descriptions. These updates will also help buyers find the items they’re looking for quickly and easily. 

– eBay

Enforcement will start from the 25th of March 2023. Any active listings that don’t comply with the new guidelines may be ended. Those items will appear in your unsold folder and will need to be relisted to align with updated policy guidelines.

New eBay Fine Jewellery listing guidelines

  • Fine Jewellery: To list your item in the Fine Jewellery category, the base metal must be made from fine materials and the main stone must be a fine, natural stone. Secondary stones can include either fine or fashion materials.
  • Diamonds: If you list a stone that isn’t an actual diamond, the term “diamond” can’t be included in the listing. Instead, your item description should include the actual material used, such as moissanite, cubic zirconia, glass, etc.
  • Treated gemstones: If you list a natural stone that has been treated (e.g. dyed to enhance the colour), you must state that the gemstone is “treated” and not as “enhanced” in your listing title.
  • Lab-created gemstones: If you list a lab-created stone, you must clearly state that the stone is “lab-created” in your listing title, and not “man-made,” “lab-grown,” or other similar terms. “Lab-created” must immediately precede the stone name in your title (e.g. “lab-created diamond”).

The full updated Fine Jewellery policy guidelines are available on eBay.

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  1. So how does joe soap, fred blogs, jane doe, etc list their dIamond ring ?they just call it a natural diamond. ,when if could be
    Anything ,
    Only a gemologist can be certain of a gems quality , even then only with special tools and experience

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