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eBay Seller Update - eBay UK Fee Changes Shop Fees Regulatory Operating Fee per-order fee

As announced in their February Seller Update, from the 1st of April 2023, eBay will increase eBay Shop fees. The 1st of April is this Saturday, so you have two days left if you want to change your Shop Subscription to one that better suits your needs prior to the fee change.

Highlights coming into effect are:

  • Shop subscription price increases for all Shop packages
  • Free monthly allowance of 7-day auction-style listings doubles for all Shop packages
  • Removal of listing upgrade credits for Featured and Anchor Shop subscribers

The increase for a Basic Shop is only a couple of quid, but higher tiers face steeper price increases. Featured and Anchor Shop subscribers will also lose the monthly listing upgrade credit (£10 or £20 respectively).

As an added benefit, eBay will double the free monthly allowance of 7-day auction-style listings. For example, if you currently have a Basic shop package, you’ll be able to list up to 100 7-day auction style listings

Shop PackageCurrent
Free 7-day auction-style listings
Starting 1 April 2023
Free 7-day auction-style listings

eBay Shop fees changes 

Shop PackageCurrent
Monthly price
Starting 1 April 2023
Monthly Price
No shopFreeFree

Although sellers are losing the monthly listing upgrade credit, eBay did make a couple of upgrades free from the 2nd of March so you’ll no longer be paying for them. However, those that will be most justified in complaining will be if you used the credit for Promoted Listings or other features which are still chargeable:

Upgrade fee per listing
From 2 March
Upgrade fee per listing
Buy it now priceGive your buyers the option to purchase before an auction-style listing ends, for a set price. A Buy it now price gives you the possibility of a quick sale for the right money.50pFree
SchedulerCreate your listing now and set it to go live at a future time of your choosing.10pFree

2 Responses

  1. I’m not quite sure what the end game here is with all of these marketplaces?

    I mean, are they going to keep putting up fees and forcing Ad use for visibility until we’re effectively paying 100% in fees?

    It just doesn’t make any sense. When you charge a % as your service fee you can’t just raise it every year to keep up with inflation. The fact is you shouldn’t need to. Inflation by itself should be the primary factor for prices going up for end users, which is turn, raises the monetary value taken by marketplaces with a fixed % service fee.

    It just doesn’t make any sense. They’ll continue to squeeze until they bust. They will lose ultimately. We’ll just move on to whatever comes next. It’s madness.

    1. Simple. eBay are owned by shareholders. Shareholders need to be kept happy otherwise they sell their stock. As more and more buyers and sellers leave the platform or shop elsewhere (Which IS happening) they need to recover that lost money from somewhere to keep the shareholders happy. That somewhere is the remaining sellers on the platform. As more leave, fees go up to cover the loss and keep shareholders happy. Squeeze the remaining sellers until the whole deck of cards comes crashing down.

      They could instead completely overhaul the aging platform so that it actually works, lower the fees to attract more sellers and keep the shareholders happy that way. But when the CEO is worth tens of millions of dollars, he isn’t really interested in what us underlings think!


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