DAC7 reporting for Amazon EU Sellers

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DAC7 reporting

Amazon are warning EU sellers that new reporting requirements will come into effect this year. You have until the 1st of October 2023, to provide information required under the Directive on Administrative Cooperation—7th amendment (DAC7). This will apply to all Amazon sellers who:

  • Are an EU resident and
  • Generate €2,000 or more in sales or
  • Complete 30 or more transactions in the current calendar year

Realistically, this will include just about every seller on Amazon are are resident within the EU.

DAC7 requires online stores in the EU, such as Amazon, to report revenue and business information to tax authorities annually. To fully comply, Amazon must:

  1. Collect additional information such as Tax Identification Numbers (TINs), permanent establishments, from EU-based selling partners,
  2. Verify that information against the respective authorities’ databases, and
  3. Report selling partners’ financial transactions, fees, disbursements, and banking details along with due diligence data to the EU tax authorities.

If you meet the criteria above, you must provide or confirm the required information in Seller Central for each store that you sell in by the 1st of October, or, if you become eligible later, 60 days after receiving the first notification from Amazon. DAC7 requirements will apply for every future calendar year. The information you need to supply is in the following table:

Data pointEntitiesIndividuals
First name and Last namex
Date of birthx
Place of birth (in the absence of a TIN)x
Legal namex
Company registration numberx
Primary addressxx
VAT identification/ registration number (where available) xx
Any TIN issued, plus each Member State of issuancexx
Any Permanent establishments through which relevant activities are carried out in the EU other than your primary address (where available)x

Currently this is advance warning, Amazon will share a link to upload your information in Seller Central in the coming months.

If you don’t submit the required information for each of your Amazon selling accounts (including those outside of the EU), your accounts may be deactivated and your funds withheld until you provide it and it’s verified against the competent authorities’ database.


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