Meet MindOS: The New AI Platform Transforming Ecommerce

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The ecommerce landscape is rapidly evolving, and businesses must constantly adapt to new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. A new platform, MindOS, has emerged to help businesses of all sizes streamline customer service, improve satisfaction rates, and boost conversions. Developed by Mindverse, this generative AI tool has the potential to revolutionize the way companies interact with customers thanks to its unique Unified Mind Model,  customizable AI beings, and extensive third-party integrations. MindOS is entering its closed beta launch, and we welcome e-commerce users and thought leaders to join for a free beta license to experience MindOS for themselves. 


MindOS is an innovative platform that creates virtual AI beings to serve as customer service agents, sales reps, product discovery guides, chatbots, and booking agents. On April 18-21, MindOS is excited to welcome users to the Closed Beta Launch event. During this period, users will have full access to MindOS, including creating a customizable AI Geniuses, personalizing its appearance and personality, tailoring its knowledge and skills with drag and drop tools, and interacting with it in real-time. 

The Power of the Unified Mind Model

At the heart of MindOS is the Unified Mind Model. A UMM system allows AI to replicate the way human beings think and process information. This allows MindOS to train on industry knowledge and business-specific policies, ensuring that the chatbot’s answers are accurate and identical to natural-language. As a result, businesses can rely on MindOS to provide accurate and human-like customer interactions.

Customizable AI Beings

MindOS beings come with fully customizable appearances, speaking cadences, gestures, personalities, memories, and knowledge sets. This flexibility enables businesses to create virtual representatives that align with their brand and deliver a more personalized customer experience. Additionally, MindOS beings are equipped with contextual memories, using prior interactions to inform future responses, always working to enhance customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integration

One of the critical strengths of MindOS is its ability to connect data and conversations between 100+ different apps and SaaS tools commonly used across industries. This seamless integration allows businesses to streamline operations and provide more efficient customer service.

The Numbers

MindOS boasts an impressive 97% intent accuracy, meaning it can accurately understand and respond to nearly all customer queries. As a result, businesses can expect 80% of customer queries to be self-solved, freeing up valuable staff resources. Furthermore, the platform has been shown to deliver a 12% increase in conversions and a 240% increase in cart additions. With 30 languages supported, 100+ integrations, and a library of 1000 pre-designed characters, MindOS offers a comprehensive solution for any e-commerce business.

MindOS is poised to disrupt the e-commerce industry with its advanced AI technology, customizable virtual beings, and seamless integrations. By automating routine customer service and sales interactions, businesses can save time and money while improving customer satisfaction rates. With a 3-second response time and a wide range of applications, MindOS is the future of e-commerce. Companies adopting AI into their business will be better positioned to succeed in a highly competitive market. Want to know more about all things MindOS?

Register for the Closed Beta Launch and get a free beta account to test out the tech for yourself!


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