New! Amazon 2-click European Expansion Accelerator

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New! Amazon 2-click European Expansion Accelerator

Amazon has announced a new initiative which will allow sellers to expand their business to nine European stores with just a few clicks. The European Expansion Accelerator (EEA) will support all active sellers on Amazon, making it easier for them to list their products in all of Amazon’s European and UK stores, in turn giving customers access to millions of products. EEA is an automated expansion solution that connects standalone Amazon tools, eliminating the need for sellers to navigate several different tools and reduce the time it takes to expand their business into multiple European stores. Sellers have the ability to expand to just one store or all nine European stores at once.

Under the new accelerator, Amazon selling partners can log into Seller Central, discover the stores they are not yet selling in and click to expand into those markets. With EEA businesses will be able to carry out account registration and set-up, translations, listing, shipping setup, product eligibility checks and catalogue customizations automatically in under three business days. The new solution achieves this by triggering multiple existing Amazon tools (e.g. List-Once-Sell Globally, Build International Listings) to complete end-to-end expansion in one or more stores, without the need for sellers to use different tools.

EEA also enables continuous expansion for newly listed products and communication through store-specific recommendations. It uses selling partner’s preferences from their main store and replicates the same information across different stores. The initiative will also see customers in the UK and Europe benefit from new products, attractive prices and faster delivery options. Amazon will also continue to offer selling partners with the same benefits and access to important tools such as; VAT Services program (VISA), payment processing, credit card fraud protection, promotional features, reports and analytics.

For UK customers, this provides further benefit when used alongside the European Fulfilment Network, which allows enables thousands of businesses to sell across the border easily without the requirement to register for VAT in the destination store.

European Expansion Accelerator is a solution our selling partners were missing for years; to grow and offer millions of new products to Amazon customers in multiple stores. We’re pleased to be able to now offer this two-click step to sellers in Europe so that they can expand their businesses with Amazon.”

– Xavier Flamand, VP, Seller Services Europe

The European Expansion Accelerator is free to use and is available to all professional selling partners who already sell in at least one of Amazon‘s European stores in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Belgium and the UK.

One Response

  1. It’s funny that when I use Amazon’s “Build International Listings” tool, it shows me their limitations as below.
    When I moaned at them years ago as they translated something incorrectly, their excuse was that I was responsible for ensuring that the translation was correct.
    Sums it up really.
    “We’ll build you a tool but if it goes wrong or screws up it’s not our fault, it’s always the sellers problem.”

    Limitations of Build International Listings
    Build International Listings cannot:
    Check that your products comply with applicable laws and regulations across all marketplaces
    Guarantee the creation of product detail pages in the target marketplace
    Remove offers in the target marketplace when the offer becomes inactive in the source marketplace.
    Synchronise offers for used products when the offer has a condition note
    Build International Listings will not synchronise inventory. However, there may be instances when inventory is shared between regions. Please visit Manage Inventory to ensure that your offers have inventory in stock.


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