1st June eBay EPR France deadline

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eBay EPR France Pay On Behalf EPR requirements in Spain

eBay have informed business sellers that the eBay EPR France deadline for compliance is the 1st of June 2023. Action is needed to ensure you can continue selling in the country.

Items sold in or into France are subject to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations.These regulations apply to all eBay business sellers and are part of a Europe-wide initiative to protect the environment by improving waste management and stimulating innovation in recycling.

If you have listings on eBay.fr, you’ll need to update them with some extra information. For more details check our help page

From 1 June 2023 eBay will start taking action on listings that aren’t compliant. You update your information as soon as possible to ensure that listings impacted by EPR regulations remain visible on eBay.fr, and to avoid eBay collecting any recycling fees paid on your behalf.

eBay EPR France deadline actions

  1. Provide the Unique Producer Identification Numbers (UPINs) as item specifics in the ‘Regulatory compliance’ field
    • If you have your UPINs ready, you can add them to your listings now.
    • If you don’t, you’ll need to register with the relevant éco-organisme if you are the producer of the product in, or first importer into France. For a list of appropriate éco-organismes by category, view the ‘Eligible categories’ drop down on eBay’s help page. Otherwise, contact your suppliers.
  2. Provide the Eco Participation Fee as an item specific
    • Enter the Eco Participation Fee for every item listed in the ‘Furniture’ and ‘Electrical/ Electronic devices’ category.
  3. Display the Repair Score as an image in your photo gallery.
    • Depending on which categories you’re selling into, you may need to display your item’s Repair Score. You can find a list of impacted categories on eBay’s help page.
    • This ranks the repairability of a product from 1-10 and needs to be added to the photo gallery of your listing.
  4. If you don’t know the Repair Score for your listings, please contact your supplier.
  5. Arrange your Take-back procedure
    • If you sell items in certain categories, you’ll need to provide buyers with details about how you will collect their existing product at delivery, known as ‘one-for-one take-back’. You can find a full list of applicable items on eBay’s help page. Take-back policies can be found in the ‘Seller disclosures’ section of My eBay.
    • Contact your shipping carrier and/or your éco-organisme to arrange the take-back procedure.

One Response

  1. What a complex nightmare. Another new business deterrent. Another new tax raising attempt to pay those whole govern us. I started my first mail order business whilst at school. We lived in in such a free world then. Glorious. Later, I had (record) shops in London. Overseas buyers often came in, they could claim back the VAT I charged so got their LP cheaper, then went out happily with their records in a brightly decorated bag bearing my shop name. Then along comes eBay after I had to close my shops and a bright new hope dawned in my business . The politicians then had to tax the life out of this new business opportunity. Now, we have so many politicians who need paying. So many official bodies that need my tax cash. So many watchdogs that need “feeding”. So many “innovations” to keep the world spinning. Soon we will paying 101% of profits to support these political bodies. Madness. It will end in tears. P S who gets this packaging tax as well?


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