Amazon & Canon sue 29 camera batteries counterfeiters

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Amazon & Canon sue 29 camera batteries counterfeiters

Canon U.S.A and its parent company, Canon of Japan, along with Amazon have jointly filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington against 29 selling accounts which sold camera batteries and chargers in the Amazon store, alleging infringement of Canon’s trademark rights.

Camera batteries, at least genuine ones, are prohibitively expensive compared to generic alternatives, but alternatives might not meet the same specifications as the OEM parts and certainly branding them as the OEM is just not on. Canon aren’t pulling any punches and are aggressive in pursuing those who infringe their copyright.

Canon aggressively pursues counterfeiters in the United States and around the world to protect its customers from fake and potentially unsafe products, which unlawfully use the Canon name, as well as to protect the value, trusted reputation, and loyalty that the Canon brand has acquired over decades in producing high-quality, safe, and reliable products.

– Canon

Sales of counterfeit goods on ecommerce websites are increasing in proportion to the growth of the ecommerce market, and Canon and Amazon are collaborating in fighting against counterfeiters and protecting both of our customers. This joint lawsuit was filed as a part of Canon and Amazon’s collaboration.

For more information about Canon’s anti-counterfeiting measures, please visit here.

Some might find it strange that Amazon would sue sellers on their own marketplace, but Amazon have aggressively chased down bad actors both in the US and around the world as the fight to stamp out counterfeits. They simply won’t stand for fakes or indeed copyright infringement on their platform.

For more information about Amazon’s efforts to protect brands and customers, please visit here.


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