Morrisons on Amazon delivery fee changes

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Morrisons on Amazon delivery fee changes

If you order your shopping through Morrisons on Amazon, you should have been notified of delivery fee changes which are kicking in from the 19th of June. Effectively, with a Prime membership you can still have your free two-hour delivery but your order will have to be a minimum of £60 instead of £40.

Morrisons on Amazon delivery fees

  • The minimum order amount for free two-hour delivery included with your Prime membership will change from £40 to £60
  • Orders between £40 and £60 will be available for delivery within a two-hour window for £2 or a one-hour delivery window for £5
  • Orders between £15 and £40 will be available for delivery within a two-hour window for £4 or a one-hour delivery window for £7
  • The Minimum Order Value will remain £15
  • For Morrisons’ Click & Collect, the minimum order amount will change from £25 to £30. There will be no fees for Click & Collect above £30

While this all sounds pretty punitive and a 50% hike in the amount you have to spend in order to retain free delivery, it’s not that surprising. We’ve been living in a world of massive inflation and shoppers will not have failed to have noticed the cost of just about everything has risen but food more steeply than perhaps anything except energy costs.

The ONS reports food inflation hit 19.4% in the year to March 2023, but it’s not just the cost of food that impacts deliveries – there’s also the cost of the fuel which is still persistently higher than in recent years. It’s not Morrisons on Amazon that is driving up the costs – you’ll probably not get anywhere near the number of products for £40 that you would have in 2019 when the service first rolled out.

It’s important to realise that supermarket products have razor thin margins and the important thing for them is that you add more products to your basket. By raising the minimum order value you’re naturally going to have to spend more, but between Morrisons and Amazon they’re unlikely to be making profits on a £60 order in June very much different to what they were making on a £40 order in 2019.

Morrisons on Amazon are not the only supermarket delivery service to raise the minimum order value – from this month Tesco also raised the minimum to qualify for free delivery on their Delivery Saver Plan from £40 to £50. Tesco also hiked the rate for delivery for an order under £50 from £4 to £5.

The really bad news is not that shoppers will have to spend more to qualify for free delivery, it’s that this is yet another example of how inflation is eroding consumers spending power – every pound they spend on food shopping is a pound less they have available to spend on the rest of ecommerce.

One Response

  1. They are all doing that now. Peoples shopping baskets have been getting smaller every month, which is saving my back for once.
    You have to really shop around right now, I get discount but still won’t buy if the price is silly.

    Along with all the other price rises am surprised anyone has anything left to spend.
    This actually effects the older people and single people the most as they have the smaller baskets anyway you don’t get a lot for £40 these days in a shop. Families will generally always spend a lot more.

    I have really had to diversify my online selling to keep the monies coming in. Vinted has been a gold mine and keeps us going right now.


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