Amazon Sessions at ChannelX World

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Amazon Sessions at ChannelX World

If you’ve not got your ticket yet for ChannelX World, taking place on the 11th of October, it’s time to register and with all the Amazon news out from their Accelerate 2023 Conference, there’s a lot happening you need to be aware of. The Amazon Shipping team will be on hand to talk about your business, as well as our speakers from Adidas, JD Sports and Getida!

The Toolkit You Need To Make Amazon & Marketplaces Purr

Adidas & JD Sports

With fierce competition on Amazon, including Amazon’s own products, shrinking margins, shifting customer preferences, unfavorable economic conditions, and new technologies entering the fray, sellers find themselves facing numerous considerations.

Attend this track session with guest speakers, Floriaan Gielis, Global Amazon Lead at Adidas and Sohail Ashraf Group Head of Marketplaces, JD Sports who will discuss everything from boosting conversions and building a loyal customer base to outperforming competitors and creating compelling best-selling listings, the challenges can be overwhelming. From multi-language to multi-currency to multi-device, ensure that your customer receives the same high-standard of experience, no matter where they shop in the world & the channel!

Join this panel to explore proven strategies that will elevate your listings and pave the way for sustainable success​ on marketplaces​. Learn how to analyse the competitive landscape, enhance brand content, attract the right buyers, and ​balance the marketplaces you list on​.

How to Drive Sales & Protect Margin on Amazon in 2023


You can also attend a free workshop to learn how to drive sales and protect margin on Amazon, delivered by Jim Mann Vice President – Europe, GETIDA.

Amazon is a huge sales channel, but with increasing ad costs, platform costs and less stable demand, how do the best brand managers deliver both sales and margin in 2023? Jim will be sharing at least 5 actionable strategies to help your brand win on Amazon in 2023.

Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping are track sponsors and you’ll be able to meet with them at their stand and discuss how they can assist your business growth in 2023 and beyond.

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