eBay June 24 Seller Release – Payments & GPSR

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eBay June 24 Seller Release - Payments & GPSR

We are liking the payment enhancements announced in the latest eBay seller release – they’re all about not letting a transaction be completed (and the stock remaining available for sale) right up to the point where the buyer actually pays for the item.

  • Get enhanced protections with an improved local post-purchase pick-up process.
  • Get paid for Auction, Best Offer, and Buy It Now sales with new improvements to the payment process. 

Local Collect

When a buyer shows up to collect and is ready to take the item home, simply enter the six-digit collection code provided, or scan the QR code that the buyer received via email on the eBay app, to provide them with proof of collection of the local order.

Once you provide proof of collection, you’ll be protected if the buyer opens an ‘item not received’ case and for any subsequent payment disputes.

Buy It Now and Best Offer payments

As part of eBay’s continuing effort to ensure timely payments for our sellers, they will be testing changes over the next few months to streamline your selling experience, ensure you get paid without delay, and minimise the hassle of re-listing.

Buyers will soon need to complete payment in order to accept an offer from a seller. When potential buyers are interested in your offer, they’ll be taken directly to the checkout page and will need to successfully complete payment to accept and secure the item. If a buyer abandons the checkout page, the item will still be available to other potential buyers.

Additionally, buyers on select auctions will be required to set up a preferred payment method and postal address before they can place a bid. After winning an auction, they’ll have one hour to adjust their order or payment details, otherwise eBay will automatically process their order using their preferred payment method. No action is required from the seller.

These changes will help to improve the auction process on eBay by providing buyers with the ability to decide how they want to pay, whilst also ensuring that sellers receive payment for their sales. eBay say that their goal is to foster a more efficient and dependable experience.

General Product Safety Regulation

eBay have given advance notice regarding the General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) that goes into effect on the 13th of December 2024. It introduces specific safety-related information that businesses must provide when selling to buyers in the European Union (EU) and Northern Ireland (NI). If you don’t sell in or ship to these regions, the GPSR isn’t applicable to you.

The General Product Safety Regulation applies to new, second-hand, repaired, and reconditioned items sold on eBay and all other marketplaces. There are few products and categories that are excluded from the GPSR.

GPSR requires all business sellers to add the following information for eligible items available for sale in the EU and NI:

  • The product manufacturer’s name and contact information.
    If the manufacturer isn’t located in the EU or NI, you’ll have to indicate an EU or NI-based Responsible Person or entity, along with their name and contact details
  • Any relevant product information like model number, pictures, type, and CE marking
  • Product safety and compliance information like safety warnings, labels, and product manuals in the local language

We understand that collecting this information can be time consuming, but adding it to your listings will ensure you comply with the regulation and can continue selling to buyers in these regions. It’ll also help you gain your buyers’ trust and create a loyal customer base in the EU and NI.

– eBay

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  1. I think they’re downplaying GPSR massively. Roll on December, and watch the brown smelly stuff hit the fan, when the Northern Irish find out just how excluded they’re going to be from online shopping.

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