New Pinterest AI tools for creative and performance

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New Pinterest AI tools for creative and performance

In advance of Cannes Lions, Pinterest is sharing new details about how they are leveraging AI to produce creative, improve campaign performance and measure brand safety for advertisers.

Introducing Pinterest Ad Labs

Pinterest Ad Labs is a new innovation program for select brands to test prototypes of new creative and ad tools. These include generative AI features powered by personalised insights to interactive shopping capabilities through collages. Pinterest’s goal is to encourage experimentation and to learn from advertiser feedback so they can bring the best new tools to market quickly. To start, Pinterest are testing personalised background generation and collages for advertisers.

Personalised background generation

Pinterest are currently exploring personalised background generation in the US, powered by a Pinterest generative AI foundation model that leverages the full power of our visual search and taste graph. With this experiment, Pinterest will generate personalised lifestyle backgrounds to enrich Product Pins and deepen engagement. Using signals reflecting US Pinterest users’ taste, the feature generates backgrounds personalised to users’ aesthetics, such as “Japandi,” “Organic Modern” or “Minimalism.” For instance, instead of seeing a chair on a white surface, users will see the same chair with a personalised background reflecting their aesthetics in home decor.

Collages for advertisers

Collages are a new way to curate, share ideas and shop on Pinterest. Users can create collages by cutting out, remixing and reassembling almost anything visual. We are now testing collages with advertisers to make this engaging new content more shoppable and discoverable through promotion. Select advertisers can tag the products in their collage and promote it as a Showcase or Collection ad so that users can tap to learn more about their brand and products. Currently Pinterest are working with a small group of advertisers across verticals like retail and beauty, including Nike, Wayfair and John Lewis to gather feedback. In the coming months, they plan to gradually expand access to more advertisers.

Furniture and home goods company Wayfair created collages with decor and furnishing, inspired by Pinterest trends, and then promoted them as shoppable Showcase ads. This format proved to be a winning tactic, driving 28% more efficient cost per click (CPC) and 5.4x higher engagement compared to Retail Vertical benchmarks.

Wayfair is always on the forefront of testing innovative ad formats. We saw the unique opportunity with collages to take customers from inspiration to action with a single ad creative that is visually engaging, performant, and creates a new way for our target customer to shop.

– Sandro Corsaro, Global Head of Creative & Content, Wayfair

Driving campaign results with Pinterest Performance+

Pinterest is investing in new automation and AI-powered tools that make it easier to build goal-based campaigns that help deliver better advertiser performance. Pinterest Performance+ (currently in closed beta) brings together our latest AI and automation features to help increase performance, while making it easier and quicker for marketers to create campaigns.

Early results from alpha testing show that most advertisers saw a 10%+ improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for Conversion and Catalog sales campaigns or a 10%+ improvement in CPC for Consideration campaigns. In addition, the suite of Performance+ tools decreases campaign creation time significantly with 50% less inputs required.

Expanding Pinterest Brand Safety efforts

Pinterest is committed to using our platform to create a more positive experience online. Not only do they strive to be brand safe by default through our content policies, but they also work with industry leading organisations to validate that our platform is brand safe.

Pinterest worked with Integral Ad Science (IAS) to provide Brand Safety Measurement across all monetized markets, aligned to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework, as part of Total Media Quality for Pinterest. IAS’s AI-driven Multimedia Technology utilises machine learning for frame-by-frame analysis, combining image, audio and text signals to accurately classify Pins at scale. Based on advertiser campaign results during beta testing, 99% of measured ad impressions on Pinterest were measured as brand safe.

In the coming weeks, they are also integrating with DoubleVerify (DV) to provide advertisers globally with brand safety and brand suitability measurement on their Pinterest campaigns. DV’s brand safety and suitability measurement enables visibility into advertising adjacency, safeguarding reputation and preserving brand equity. Based on initial testing, DV found that >99% of measured impressions were deemed safe.

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