Shopify unveils AI-powered commerce features update

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Shopify unveils AI-powered commerce features update

Shopify are today unveiling their most unified, most intuitive, most powerful platform yet as part of its latest products and innovations showcase. The Summer ‘24 Edition includes updated solutions that help merchants be more creative, deliver a best-in-class in-store experience and gain a unified view as they expand their businesses.

The products we release each Edition are developed to meet and exceed the needs of our merchants and the ever-changing demands of commerce from entrepreneur, to enterprise and developer. Not all unified software is great, but all great software is unified, scaling and growing with each new feature to work harmoniously for users. This Edition, Shopify is focusing on the details, refining each service and reimagining what a truly unified commerce experience looks like for merchants and their consumers.

– Deann Evans, Managing Director, EMEA, Shopify

Remove the queues with Shopify POS Terminal

As shoppers’ expectations for a seamless buying experience grows, merchants with physical retail stores need solutions that remove friction and unify the shopping experience. Shopify POS has been specifically designed to break down any barriers when buying from the same brand from different channels, to create the world’s most unified retail system for merchants. UK retailers can already make use of Shopify POS Go, the all-in-one mobile device built for reliable, fast and simple on-the-floor selling.

Launching today,  Shopify POS Terminal is a new payment hardware solution offering a fully-featured customer display that guides shoppers through the buying process in store. POS Terminal accepts tap, chip & PIN, and swipe payments at the counter, with robust WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. Across both POS Go and POS Terminal, retailers can offer one-tap digital receipts to all Shop Pay users, and easily capture additional information at checkout, such as email or the staff member who made the sale.

Shopify is also introducing the ability to apply discounts to a cart in-store with Shopify POS. Through Combined Discounts, merchants have the flexibility to add multiple order discounts, product or shipping deals to the cart all at once, creating irresistible offers for customers. Merchants can enhance their in-store promotional activities further with Buy X get Y Discounts using Shopify POS. This feature addresses the challenge merchants face of creating more personalised and engaging promotions that offer incremental opportunities beyond traditional discount tools. By setting up BXGY discount codes as smart grid tiles for easy access during the checkout process, they can streamline operations and provide a seamless customer experience in-store.

Our priority has always been to make our customers feel comfortable and have the best experience possible when visiting our stores. With Shopify’s mobile POS device we’ve truly elevated how our customers interact with our store. The hardware blends seamlessly into our shop environment, allowing our guests to shop at their convenience, perhaps while sipping a coffee in our lounge area. POS Go brings the checkout experience directly to them, enhancing their visit without the hassle of waiting in line. It’s convenience, comfort, and cutting-edge technology rolled into one .

With POS Terminal, Shopify’s card reader, we are also able to offer an improved, professional checkout experience at our counter. It allows us to customise our logo onto the screen and customers appreciate how they can follow along on the customer-facing display as their items are being scanned. This new Shopify hardware helps us deliver a premium in-store experience for all our customers.

– Sacha Rose CEO, Derek Rose

Unifying analytics for real-time insight

In order to make timely business decisions, merchants need access to up-to-the-minute data. Just as important, they need analytics tailored to what matters most to their specific business. To empower their decision-making, Shopify has rebuilt its analytics solutions to work harder, smarter, faster and more intuitively for merchants, providing them with insights in real-time. With each card on a merchant’s dashboard powered by a detailed pre-built Shopify report, merchants can quickly answer their most frequent questions, such as week-on-week sales comparisons, or average order value changes during a promotion.

A unified command centre with Markets

Over a quarter of all Shopify merchants are based in EMEA and account for 6% of all ecommerce in the top five EMEA markets, demonstrating their ability to scale across the region and globally. They rely on Shopify to help grow their business, whether it’s to sell into new regions, scale their business selling wholesale, or run a global network of physical retail stores. To help them gain a unified view that empowers businesses to make strategic decisions, Shopify is reimagining the Markets solution from the ground up. Markets will act as a merchant’s central command centre within the Shopify Admin that enables businesses to expand via cross-border, B2B or physical retail selling through POS, all from a single location. Providing a holistic view of the entire business, merchants can use Markets to create custom buyer experiences without having to create multiple stores or manage a wide range of features, so they can focus on their expansion plans.

AI built for merchant success

Shopify is embracing AI so merchants can be on the cutting edge of the latest technology enhancements. Over the last year, AI capabilities have been embedded throughout the Shopify platform, with the latest updates launching this Summer Editions. 

Create images on the move with Media Editor 

Since launching six months ago, Media Editor has already been used to create and save over one million AI-generated images, saving merchants valuable time and money. To help more tap into the opportunities it creates, Shopify is rolling out new features to our AI image generation feature in Media Editor. It can now seamlessly modify media in the Online Store Editor, Email Editor and across the Shopify Admin, and even extend functionality into the Shopify Mobile App.

Remove human error with Shopify Magic

Traditionally, manually tagging products can be time consuming, liable to human error, and struggle to keep up with growing product catalogs. With Shopify’s latest AI enhancements, Shopify Magic will instantly suggest personalised and intelligent recommendations for merchants’ product attributes. Using just a few keywords and a product image, Shopify Magic will auto-populate relevant form fields, ensuring all new products have accurate taxonomy attributes and characteristics, such as colour, size, material and style.

Improve real-time responses with Suggested Replies

Providing shoppers with real-time answers to their questions can reduce friction and potentially increase conversions. However, many merchants often have to manage a wide range of tasks simultaneously, while also trying to provide shoppers with answers to their questions in real-time. Suggested Replies, powered by Shopify Magic, creates a pre-written AI generated response that merchants can review, edit and approve, saving them time and bringing the customer closer to a sale.

Merchants depend on Shopify to not just work, but to solve the pain points they didn’t know they had. This can only happen when everything is seamlessly integrated and works together. Shopify brings every aspect of commerce under one roof. It’s more than simply centralising and synchronising our products. We’re consolidating infrastructures, reducing inefficiencies and welding features together so that merchants can focus on growing their business and connecting with shoppers in a way that only a truly unified commerce platform can deliver.

– Deann Evans, Managing Director, EMEA, Shopify

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