New eBay Advertising Dashboard & Data-Driven Recommendations

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New eBay Advertising Dashboard & Data-Driven Recommendations

There’s a new eBay Advertising dashboard as they unveil a new advertising experience for all eBay sellers, globally. This revamped, data-driven solution includes:

  • A new central eBay Advertising dashboard where sellers can access three unique advertising solutions
  • More real-time performance metrics, personalised recommendations and pop-up notifications

eBay say that these tools are designed to simplify advertising experience, increase listing visibility, and ultimately lay the foundation for stronger sales velocity and continued business growth.

At eBay Advertising, we are always exploring new ways to incorporate the latest technology and AI solutions to ensure that our offerings are the best they can be for our sellers. We are also constantly engaging in conversations with our sellers, to learn about their journeys and how eBay can continue to support their evolving needs. That’s why we’re so excited to launch the eBay Advertising dashboard and streamlined advertising experience, as we know it will combine advanced AI with our sellers’ appetite for a simple yet highly effective way to grow their businesses.

– Alex Kazim, VP and GM of Global Advertising, eBay

The new Advertising dashboard aims to provide you with a streamlined, all-in-one solution for tracking and optimising ad campaign performance. There’s a revamped Seller Hub Marketing tab and eBay are introducing a brand new Advertising tab meaning that your eBay Advertising dashboard is now just a click away in Seller Hub.

New metrics and recommendations

  • Today’s recommendations, which offers daily, customized tips to help you optimize your advertising campaigns and improve ad effectiveness.
  • Suggested campaigns, which features custom-built, ready-to-launch campaigns based on historical data and eBay best practices. These made for you, ready to launch campaigns are fully optimized and can help you sell more, faster.
  • Trend-based campaigns, which leverage to uncover current and emerging marketplace trends and build a ready-to-launch campaign designed just for you and your unique listings. Trend-based campaigns help you take the guesswork out of advertising. When we spot a chance to boost campaign results, we’ll let you know by providing a clear actionable tip.
  • Advertising insights, which helps sellers discover the latest in news, research and product announcements from the team. Uncover even more tips and tricks, seasonal guidance and insights to achieve your goals.  

Streamlined eBay Advertising portfolio

From your new dashboard, eBay sellers can leverage three unique advertising solutions:

  • Promoted Listings
  • Promoted Offsite
  • Promoted Shops

eBay say that they have unified their portfolio to simplify your journey making it easier to select the right solution and launch:

  • The priority campaign strategy provides you with priority access to ad placements with advanced controls, AI generated campaign recommendations tailored to you, and you’ll only pay for clicks on your ads.
    • Sellers saw a 50% increase in items sold, on average, when using a priority campaign strategy compared to non-promoted items.
  • The general campaign strategy provides you with general access to ad placements with standard controls, and you’ll only pay when your item sells.
    • Listings promoted with a general strategy have seen 30% more sales, on average, compared to non-promoted items.
  • If you’re looking to drive more people to your shopfront, build brand visibility through eye-catching ads and increase the visibility of your shop amongst interested buyers, Promoted Shops is a great option for you. With effective targeting capabilities, eBay helps its sellers build brand loyalty with current and potential buyers, over the course of a Promoted Shops campaign.
  • For sellers looking to drive potential buyers to your listings by showing your ads to those starting their shopping journey off eBay on leading external channels, such as Google, Promoted Offsite is a great solution. Promoted Offsite uses a dynamic cost-per-click model and automatically adjusts for each listing, daily. Users set budget guidance and adjust it along the way, as desired.
    • Sellers see a 25% increase in sales from external channels by utilising Promoted Offsite, on average.

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