Everyone wants a reliable wireless carrier, but it is hard to choose which one with all the options available. Having the latest phone and not paying hefty upfront fees might sound like it is too good to be true. Boost Mobile brings affordable phone plans with ideal coverage for most customers. Look here to see what all Boost Mobile has to offer.

A Glance Into Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile originated in Australia in 2000 before finding its way to America. Sprint bought out the company in 2005 and started advertising its unlimited plans a year later. Boost had a long-lasting relationship with Sprint until 2020, when it became a part of Dish Network, which then merged with T-Mobile. Therefore, previous Sprint users slowly move over to T-Mobile, and new customers will automatically sign up through them. This merger has proven to be beneficial to the customers because now they are part of a large-scale network. As a bonus, they did not have to jump through any hoops to get there. Also, there are many Boost Mobile plans to ensure you find the right fit.
The Pre-Paid Plans Brought by Boost Mobile
Some wireless carriers have a post-paid service, but with Boost Mobile, there are only prepaid plans with add-on capabilities. With Boost Mobile, every plan comes with giveaways, other deals, and much more. Thanks to the merger with Dish Network, more low-cap plans are available. 
A Limited-Capacity Data Plan Through Boost Mobile
If you want the most affordable way to swap your current service, look into one of the limited-capacity plans. This plan gives you unlimited talk with your choice of up to 10GB to do as you please. However, this plan is only a good choice if you can stay below the capacity level since you will be left without service until your next billing cycle. Thankfully, there are three different data options available: 2GB, 5GB and 10GB, and this plan starts at as little as $15.
An Unlimited Plan With Boost Mobile
If you want an unlimited plan so you can skip the worry of going over your data, an unlimited plan is the top choice. This enables you to talk or text as much as you want with the 35GB of data included, and you can add an extra line for an additional $30. There are a few varieties to choose from, but plans start at as little as $50 a month with 12GB of hot spot data. 
The Go Unlimited Plus Pack From Boost Mobile
If you want a plan with the fastest speeds, then the Go Unlimited plan might be what you are looking for. This plan starts with 35GB of high-speed data, and additional lines have 30GB of hotspot data. Six months of Tidal access are just as good as the other carriers, but the streaming speeds make this plan different. You can use these streaming speeds for anything from music to video games.
A Carrier Crusher With Boost Mobile
Boost Mobile is trying out new plans with its services. The goal is to give customers a way to save on their bill by paying for several months at a time. This setup is called the Carrier Crusher, with service plans starting at $8.33 per month. However, you can go up to 5GB of data for $15 per month. You can pay anywhere from three to six months at a time. Lastly, there is a plan available for $30, and you pay for three months at a time.
An International Service With Boost Mobile
Unfortunately, there are not any international services. If you need to call someone out of the country, it will cost additional fees. You can add 8GB of data to your plan should you go anywhere out of the United States.
The Add-ons and Hotspot Plans
The essential services might not be enough for every user. However, there are many different add-ons, such as high definition for gaming. The prices vary, so be careful when you choose extra services.  When you are trying to decide on a carrier for your wireless service, look into all your options to make the right choice. Plans are available from $30 and up, making them affordable for almost everybody. Therefore, if you want high speeds or to save some money, plenty of possibilities are available with Boost Mobile.