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r said:

we find that many "experts" find far less risk to call an item fake!, rather than really being ex...

andy said:

Really appreciate this insight from David Brackin., whose posts are always worth reading. Sadly, po...

Mike said:

It is the age-old problem where genuine experts - ie. people with years and years of experience of s...

Hannah said:

Great article - sadly another badly thought through ebay product rushed out to meet a poorly defined...

Matt said:

Link for anyone wanting to check

Carole said:

Need to complain about Evri but no option given!

Mike said:

Quite amazing how any small business or sole trader will be able to survive the end of this year wit...

R said:

Amazon will no doubt be ordering a few more vans

Leon said:

Is Tim Westwood going to host it again ? ;)

Roy said:

I have a full time job, and also a sole trader too, registered as a business where I sell. I work 16...