Who are we?

As an award-winning multi-channel DropShipping marketplace, Avasam connects verified European product suppliers and online sellers in one fully automated platform.

With our 60+ direct integrations into marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping providers and payment gateways, we provide all the tools needed for DropShippers, both suppliers and sellers, to save time and grow their businesses.

From sourcing to selling to shipping, automated multi-channel order processing, inventory management and payment processing, we exist to help our users sell more.

What is DropShipping?

DropShipping is a retail fulfilment method where the seller doesn’t hold or dispatch any stock. When a customer buys a product, the seller buys the item from a supplier and the supplier sends the item directly to the customer.

The seller doesn’t need to hold their own inventory or manage the shipping logistics while the supplier gains direct access to end customers without having to invest in marketing and multiple sales channels. It’s a win-win concept.

The problem?

Historically, DropShipping has not been done right. DropShipping arrangements between parties have traditionally been complex and convoluted, involving many time-consuming manual processes and with inherent problems that were not easy to overcome – finding reliable product suppliers, communicating order or inventory information, managing payments, customer service accountability and the compatibility of linking multiple systems.

The solution:

This is where Avasam comes in.

Leveraging our decades of combined eCommerce experience, we have created a revolutionary platform that eliminates the traditional pain points of DropShipping.

We do this through simplification and automation of processes. By reducing or even eliminating the need for human interaction, we are able to free up our users’ time and reduce errors, meaning they can focus on what they do best: suppliers focus on supplying great products and sellers on selling more.

Our mission is to make DropShipping simple.

What we do:

Avasam offers unparalleled functionality and flexibility compared to the multitude of narrowly focused DropShipping plugins or outdated wholesaler-based models. Our stand-out features include:

– Intuitive, easy to use interface that can be accessed on any internet-ready device.

– Plug-and-play setup meaning suppliers and sellers can start selling immediately.

– Hand-picked, verified European product suppliers who conform to our set performance standards.

– Automated order processing, inventory synchronisation and shipping (including labels, dispatch notifications and custom rule setting).

– Live customer support, interactive guided tour, in-depth user help guides and tutorial videos.

– Low cost pricing structure and a free account option for new sellers.

In short, we do DropShipping right.