Currenxie is a financial technology company that offers businesses of all sizes a single platform to make and manage their global payments. A seamless online alternative to traditional banking, Currenxie offers multicurrency digital wallets, virtual bank accounts, worldwide payments, foreign exchange, and Visa cards. To-date, Currenxie has transferred billions of dollars for their clients – and they’re just getting started.

Reach new markets instantly
Access global virtual bank account numbers to easily make payments in 100+ countries and receive funds in over 18 currencies.

Discover endless eCommerce opportunities
Easily connect to all major marketplaces and payment gateways to receive funds from platforms like Amazon, Shopify, PayPal, Stripe, Etsy, eBay, Klarna and more.

Save on simple and transparent FX
Eliminate unnecessary conversion fees, work in multiple currencies at the real-exchange rate and save up to 8x more than traditional banks.

Zero monthly fees. Zero minimum balance. Zero application fees.

Open your FREE Currenxie Global Account in just a few clicks by heading here.

More about Currenxie
Founded in Hong Kong in 2014, Currenxie’s cross-border payments and business account solutions offer businesses of all sizes a seamless online alternative to traditional banking, breaking down the financial barriers that prevent them from growing their operations on the world stage. Currenxie has built one of the largest virtual account networks in the B2B fintech space, spanning 10 jurisdictions, 40 countries and 18 currencies. The Currenxie Global Account® platform – the company’s cloud-based core banking system – allows funds to flow freely across its banking network, in real-time, without costly cross-border fees. Access global commerce with us: