Houzz is reportedly the fourth biggest marketplace in the United States, based on third-party sales volume during 2017 after Amazon, eBay and Walmart. But it’s not just an American phenomenon and it’s open to international sellers. They claim to have 20,000 different sellers offering 10 million different products and 40 million monthly visitors.

One of their key features is using augmented reality to help consumers visualise furniture and decor in their home that’s proving popular and successful: users of the 3D tool are 11 times more likely to make purchases on the website.

It’s also distinct from most other online marketplaces out there. Firstly, it’s purely an outlet for goods that could be used for building renovators, even on new-builds, and any sort of interior design project.

It started out as a catalogue and inspiration for people making home improvements and soon it developed into a marketplace not just for goods but for services. It also a registry for experts and tradespeople who can help to tout their skills and expertise as well.