Intersoft Systems and Programming Limited. Born April 1993, a Royal Mail Approved Solution, Intersoft offer global shipping solutions and are constantly evolving to meet the rapid changes in global trade, eCommerce & delivery requirements.

What do Intersoft do?

– We offer a cloud-based solution for multi-carrier label production to Retailers, eCommerce platforms (3Pi’s & 3PL’s) and Carriers.

– We work with global and local carriers and we integrate with 100s of 3rd party specialists to deliver millions of packages to over 100 countries. Check our list of Partners & Carriers here

– We manage the life of a shipment from order to delivery and back through to returns.

– We offer full visibility of your order & returns process including fully branded tracked notifications.

– Our platform allows you to deliver globally with access to domestic and global carriers and takes the worry out of customs documentation by providing you with the labels needed.

– Scalable solution that integrates with any system through API or bespoke office integration.

What can we offer?

Instant label Creation

The right carrier label for the shipment as and when you need it, with the right IT solution to fit with your systems, processes and ways of working. We help you by understanding you and working with you every step of the way.

Intelligent Tracking and Visibility

Receive data in real time, we can pull the tracking information from all your carriers and give you a single view for all your shipments

Seamless Integrations

Multiple ways to integrate and get the right solution:

– API Integration

– Bulk or single record file Import (fully automated processing and printing)

– Integrated labels (print your shipping label as part of your invoice or pick and pack notes)

– Manual Entry

– Scan to print (upload all your records and then call the label as you need it by scanning a simple barcode)

– Silent printing (Our clever app which helps take control of the file processing and printing of labels, customs documents and manifests)

Branded Returns Portal

Make life easy for your customers to return goods from around the globe with our Returns Portal, fully branded with your logo’s, products and links to ensure your branding is at the forefront – it enables your customers to inform you what they are returning and why, offering you full visibility to control warehouse recourses accordingly.

Customisable Account

Our platform offers you the control to update carrier pricing, routes schedules as well as adjusting Carrier options and their Services as and when you need them, allowing you to make Intelligent Shipper fit your solution, not the other way around.

Scalability with Reliability

Our fully scalable system fits to your needs, managing anything from 100 deliveries a month to over 10 million. Delivery prices and labels are produced in milliseconds, so you don’t waste a second of your time

Trust in Intersoft

Our enthusiastic team are based under one roof in Greater London, which allows our specialised teams to work together, ensuring that we are proactive with a continuity throughout. Intersoft has grown dramatically over the last few years, with thousands of customers now relying on our solution to help them process their ever-growing customer demand for effective delivery solutions.